Bachledka Treetop Walkway

Bachledka Treetop Walkway

Bachledka treetop walkway is a new and unique attraction in Bachledova valley near Zdiar village, just about 17 km from Tatranska Lomnica High Tatras tourist resort.
Total length of the trail, including route to the top of the observation tower, is 1234 m. The attraction offers beautiful views of Belianske Tatras and much more.

UNESCO Domica Cave

UNESCO Caves of Slovakia

Slovakia has 13 caves accessible to the public, out of which five are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Dobsinska Ice cave is located in Slovak Paradise National Park.
Domica cave, Gombasecka cave and Jasovska cave are in Slovak Karst National Park.
Ochtinska Aragonite cave is in Roznava district, near the Slovak Karst.

Slovakia Tours 2020

Welcome to Slovakia again!

2020 has been a tough year so far, and we all would deserve a nice vacation.
Hopefully, we will be able to open our country to foreign visitors soon.
We are looking forward to your visit to Slovakia again.

Museum of Viticulture in Cajkov

Tekov Wine Route

Tekov region is a part of Nitra viticultural region. The region offers amazing opportunities to visit specific places connected with winemaking to taste local quality wines. These are mainly traditional cellars, large historic manorial cellars but also tasting rooms, vineyards and wine shops.

Zahorie Wine Route - Skalica

Zahorie Wine Route

Zahorie vineyards belong to Small Carpathian viticultural region. Located are in western Slovakia between the Little Carpathians to the east and the Morava River to the west. This region is well known for producing high quality wines, especially in the regions around Skalica town.

Tokaj Wine Route

Tokaj Wine Route

Tokaj wine region is the smallest and most exclusive one in Slovakia. The region is closely related to same-name wine region in Hungaria. Tokaj wine route offers tasting of unique Tokaj wines, gurmet specialties of Zemplin region and also a cycling route.