Welcome to Slovakia again! (Travel Blog)

Welcome to Slovakia in 2020

Dear Travellers,

As the world has had to slow down, we all feel the impact on our lives.

With the year coming to warmer and sunny months, Europe starts to feel stronger and more free in everyday life.
Nature and wildlife took a well-deserved rest, and all the attractions underwent detailed maintenance.

Slovak mountains, cities, and historic towns with hotels, restaurants, landmarks, and attractions are ready to welcome their visitors.

We wish the world to heal and so we will be free to travel around. Hopefully, we will be able to welcome you to Slovakia very soon.

We are looking forward to your visit again.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay positive!

High Tatras - Picture with Chamois
Vlkolinec Monument Reserve of Folk Architecture - UNESCO
Levoca Town Hall - UNESCO
High Tatras - Private Guided Tour
Spis Castle - UNESCO
Banska Stiavnica - Calvary
High Tatras - Hut to Hut Guided Tour
Slovak Paradise - Hiking Tour
High Tatras - Hut to Hut Guided Tour

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