Slovakia escorted tours

Slovakia Escorted Tours

Escorted tours to Slovakia

Escorted tours are perfect for the first time traveller, someone who does not like to drive, or the return visitor who wants a new experience. We offer amazing vacations in Slovakia and central Europe - featuring an experienced guide on your journey, with all accommodations and tours pre-booked, you will experience a new adventure that you will come to love again and again!

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Best of Slovakia

Best of Slovakia

Slovakia is a country rich with history, nature, beautiful places, folk, traditions and activities that are distinct to the area. Slovakia is one of Europe’s most mountainous countries and the snow-clad High and Low Tatras are one of the best-known mountains and a perfect places for winter activities. However, it is just as popular for summer tourists who visit its historic cities and traditional villages and hike in the magnificent scenery of the Slovak national parks.

In order to help guide you in building a trip itinerary, below are some of the top best of Slovakia - natural beauties and attractions that are sure to make your trip extra special.

Trip to Slovakia

Trip to Slovakia

For a small country, Slovakia possesses a wealth of regional diversity, both cultural and geographic. It would be a pitty to have a stop in Bratislava only without discovering the rest of the country. Bratislava reflects modern Slovakia, but we have many suggestions for those who desire to get to know the real Slovakia . The big advantage is that due to its small territory you have an unique opportunity to travel through Slovakia in few days and so visit historical towns and villages, mountains, open air museum, taste Slovak cuisine and meet with local people.

Slovak Mountains

Slovak Mountains

The Carpathian mountain range starts in the westernmost part of Slovakia. And they undulate throughout the whole country. The highest point of one of the most striking mountain ranges in Europe can be found in the Tatras. There is no higher mountain range further north in Europe. Slovakia is the roof of Central Europe. But it isn’t only the Tatras which offers excellent opportunities for mountain tourism. You can also experience beautiful countryside views from the ridges of the Low Tatras, Mala and Velka Fatra. If you want to enjoy waterfalls, gorges and rock formations then visit Slovak Paradise, Pieniny, or Strazovske Hills. The plateaus, meadows with colourful flora and unusual karst formations in the Muranska Planina and Slovak Karst National Parks will take your breath away. Take a trip to watch wild animals in the deep forests of Poloniny, Cergova or Polana. Your guide through the mountains will be one of the best marked networks of hiking paths in the world. Whichever path you take, you can take a rest in the cosy atmosphere of mountain chalets or traditional shepherd’s cottages.

Hiking Low Tatras Slovakia

Hiking in Low Tatras in Slovakia

Low Tatras - the second largest mountain ranges of the Western Carpathians, located in the central part of Slovakia with an altitude of 1500 - 2043 m. Low Tatras represent a massive mountain arch that stretches in the direction east - west 80 km long. Dumbier is the highest peak (2,043 m.n.m.). Possibility of summer walking, hiking, rock climbing, beautiful fauna and flora by suitable climatic conditions are all reasons for a summer vacation in the Low Tatras.

Train Tours Slovakia

Best Train Tours in Slovakia

The most beautiful trips by train to Slovakia

We provide you five unique railway sections in Slovakia, which are a unique combination of technique and picturesque nature. These railways will take you to beautiful places of Slovakia with the possibility of additional trips to surrounding mountains:

- Lower Tatra Mountains - Cervena Skala – Margecany
- Ciernohronska forest railway - Cierny Balog – Vydrovo
- Kysuce - Historical forest railway in Vychylovka
- Velka Fatra Mountains - Banska Bystrica - Horna Stubna
- Stiavnicke hills - The youth trail (Hronska Dubrava - Banska Stiavnica UNESCO silver town)