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Spa History

Legend has it that Smrdaky mineral springs were discovered by a shepherd, who cured his sore legs by dipping them in the strong-smelling water.

The earliest written mention of Smrdaky dates back to 1436, and Smrdaky Spa town is first in writing in 1617.
The therapeutic use of its mineral springs has been documented since 1740.

From 1832 to 1883, Jozef Vietoris, who owned the land, had the first spa house built.
The 1930s was the Golden Era of the Spa. Up to 400 guests were treated a day during the peak seasons.

In the 1950s, more abundant hydrogen sulfide springs were discovered and put into use.
Though small in size, Smrdaky soon developed into a significant Slovakian spa town.

Smrdaky Spa - Mier Spa House

Natural Healing Resources

The mineral water in Smrdaky is one of the most concentrated hydrogen sulfide waters in Europe, having a healing effect on skin diseases.

Highly sulfurous mineral water has anti-inflammatory healing effects. It calms the irritated skin and improves its elasticity. It is also exceptionally effective for skin disease treatment such as psoriasis, eczema and acne, and intense chronic mobility disorders.

The unique natural sulfurous healing mud is applied as warm mud wraps.
Curative effects of the healing mud are reducing local swelling around joints, reducing tensions in muscles, and improving the nutrition of connective tissue and intervertebral discs.

Thanks to its unique healing resources, Smrdaky Spa is called the Slovak Dead Sea.

Smrdaky Spa - Healing Mud

Medical And Beauty Treatments

Medical procedures:
BALNEOTHERAPY – mineral bath with a dry body wrap, local and full-body mud wraps, paraffin wrap, bubble bath, whirlpooll

ELECTROTHERAPY – galvanic current, direct current impulse currents, dipole medium frequency currents, TENS, magnetic therapy

PHOTOTHERAPY – sunbathing in the natural solarium, narrow spectral forms of ultraviolet radiation application, sun-lamp, special phototherapy with UVB and UVA radiation

HYDROTHERAPY – Scottish sprays, Kneipp’s bath

Wellness and beauty:
REGENERATION CENTRE – Finnish sauna, Jacuzzi, fitness room, large gym, special relaxation massages, and exotic rituals
BEAUTY SALON – hairstylist, cosmetics, manicure

Smrdaky Spa - Sauna

Spa Hotels

Central Ensana Spa Hotel***
- Main hotel with central reception located in the center of the Spa
- Medical rooms and physician rooms, balneotherapy center
- Cafe with live music offering regular dance nights
- Additional services: library, cinema, gift shop, post office, manicure, hair saloon, cosmetics

Vietoris Ensana Spa Hotel***
- Comfort accommodation in 30 rooms, most of the reconstructed and offering superior standard
- Restaurant and a lobby bar with summer terrace
- Procedures are administered in Central Spa Hotel

Morava Ensana Spa Hotel***
- Dependance located in a quiet area of the Spa, surrounded by greenery and tranquility
- Morava cafe with a summer terrace is open during the top season
- Procedures are administered in Central Spa Hotel
Vietoris Hotel - Superior Room

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