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Enjoy Typical Easter Holidays in Slovakia

Easter holidays span for several days of which most important are:

Maundy Thursday (Green Thursday)
Slovak folk tradition – people have green meals made of fresh, green vegetables and eggs. To be healthy and strong, they use to wash in the creek before sunrise. In the past, it was the beginning of the new farming season when the earth and nature wake up after a long winter sleep.
Christian tradition – connected with the last supper. In some locations, priests ritually wash the feet of twelve people in the church.

Good Friday (Great Friday)
Slovak folk tradition – forbidden work on the fields. Meals were similar as on Green Thursday to secure a good harvest. People used green twigs and eggs as a symbol of fertility and new nature cycle, and water as a clensing symbol.
Christian tradition - crucifixion and burial of Jesus, people fast on this day and attend afternoon church masses.

Holy Saturday (White Saturday)
Slovak folk tradition – people continued with the same ceremonies as on Thursday and Friday. The meat was cooked on this day, mainly pork and ham. In some locations, a lamb is prepared as a tradition coming from old Jewish Easter ritual meals.
Christian tradition – the final day of Holy Week; it commemorates the Harrowing of Hell while Jesus Christ's body lay in the tomb. Church masses take the form of a funeral service for Jesus.

Easter Sunday
Slovak folk tradition – a custom in many locations was to get the Easter meals consecrated. After the church mass, families get together and have a feast starting with eggs and the first course. Girls and women painted decorative Easter eggs.
Christian tradition – also called Pascha or Resurrection Sunday, commemorating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

Easter Monday
This day the girls and young women are being watered and gently struck with a willow string. Its old ritual meaning is to keep them healthy and beautiful for the rest of the year. However, boys and men enjoy this day the most because they get decorated eggs, sweets, money, and some refreshments in return.
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