Zahorie Wine Route (Travel Blog)

Zahorie Wine Route

Most popular wine-related event in the region is Wine Sheds Open Day and takes place each year on October in Skalica town.
Local wine producers open their sheds, cellars, and shop to show how the favorite beverage is made. Participants also visit local vineyards to learn more about winemaking process. Wine tasting is an inherent part of the day.

Skalica town is well known for a typical cuvee - Skalicky Rubin (Skalica Carbuncle), a composition of three sorts of red wine - Noir de Franconie + Portugais Bleu + Saint Laurent and also a typical subsort of Noir de Franconie redwine - Lampart.
Zahorie Wine Route - Vineyard
Masaryk Wine Collection
Kopecek Winery - Wine Cellar
Wine Grapes - Skalicky Rubin
Wine Cellar - Decoration

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