UNESCO Caves of Slovakia (Travel Blog)

Dobsinska Ice Cave

The cave is located in the south-western part of the Slovak Paradise National Park. Total cave length is 1,483 m and tour circuit is 515 m long (30 minutes).

Most interesting parts of the cave are Great and Small Halls, Ruffiny’s Corridor and Collapsed Dome.
Dripstone and White Hall, Dry Dome, Dripstone Cellar and Hell are parts without ice.

Dobsinska Ice cave is inscribed on the UNESCO list since 2000.

UNESCO Caves - Dobsinska Ice Cave

Domica Cave

Domica Cave is the longest cave of the Slovak Karst. Its total length is 5,368 m and it’s connected with Certova diera (Devil’s Hole) cave.

The cave is decorated with sinter fills - shields and drums, cascade pools (Roman Spa, Plitvice Lakes), onion-like stalactites and pagoda-like stalagmites.
The cave is also a significant archaeological location, with findings from the Early Neolithic.

It’s possible to take a short tour (780 m, 45 minutes) or a long tour with boat ride on the river Styx (930 m, 60 minutes).
UNESCO Caves - Domica Cave

Gombasecka Cave

The cave is located in Slovak Karst National Park, 10 km south from Roznava. Total length is 1,525 m, but accessible is only 285 m. The tour circuit is 530 m long and takes 30 minutes.

Gombasecka cave is filled mostly with the thin, hollow flowstone soda straw stalactites, unique in Slovakia. There are also other forms of stalactites, stalagmites, thin flowstone layers and crusts.

UNESCO Caves - Gombasecka Cave

Jasovska Cave

Jasovska cave has a rich flowstone decoration with sinter fills - pagoda-like stalagmites, columns, sinter waterfalls, shields, drums, straw stalactites and other forms. The cave is an important wintering place for bats as well. More than 19 species of the total 24 living in Slovakia winter there.

Total length of the cave is 2811 m. The tour takes 45 minutes and it 720 m long with 339 steps.

UNESCO Caves - Jasovska Cave

Ochtinska Aragonite Cave

This cave is a world rarity and unique natural phenomenon. It is interesting for variety and abundance of aragonite formations and a rare development of underground space. Thanks to its significance and unique ornamentation, it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Total length of the cave is 585 m and tour circuit is 300 m long. Tour of the cave takes 30 minutes.

UNESCO Caves - Ochtinska Aragonite Cave

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