Tekov Wine Route (Travel Blog)

Tekov Wine Route

Tekov Wine route is concentrated around Levice town where Wine Cellars Open Day takes place every year.
Levice is known for quality wine production from the Middle Ages. In its centre as well as its neighborhood are still to be found many authentic breweries and cellars.
Only once a year you have the unique opportunity to discover the underground premises of the ancient cellars.

An inherent part of Tekov Wine Route are these places:

Levice - historic wine cellars right in the town centre.

Brhlovce - unique tuff houses and wine cellars.

Pukanec - historic wine cellars and cooper's workshop where oak barrels are made.

Stara Hora - one of the oldest vinicultural areas in the region. The cellars are carved into the tuff rock.
Tekov Wine Route - Cajkov Vineyard
Historic Area Stone Cellars
Pukanec - Tekov Wine Collection
Tekov Wine Route - Brhlovce Tuff Cellar
Tekov Wine Route - Levice Historic Cellar

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