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Spa History

The first record of the hot springs is from 1247. However, it is assumed that the springs had already been known to the Roman legions in the 2nd century.

The most significant development of the spa credits the lleshazy noble family, who owned it for 241 years.

In 1835, the spa was rebuilt and modernized. In 1888, the most valuable historical monument, the Hammam spa in oriental Moorish style, was built.

Trencinske Teplice Spa - Hammam

Natural Healing Resources

Natural sulfurous thermal water is used for the treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal diseases. Other main indications are conditions after surgeries and injuries, chronic rheumatic diseases, occupational diseases, and skin diseases, including psoriasis.

The spa also utilizes healing peloids: natural sulfurous mineralized fango and natural peat. The peat used in this spa has excellent thermal properties and chemical effects. Peat acidity increases blood circulation in tissues, the content of humic acids and bitumen has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.
Trencianske Teplice Spa - Thermal Pool

Medical And Beauty Treatments

Medical procedures:
THERMAL BATHS AND BALNEOTHERAPY - using sulfurous healing water in the pools and bathtubs with temperatures between 38,4 °C and 40 °C.
Thermal water has an analgesic effect and increases circulation, relieves muscle tension, overall fitness, and stress relief. Peat wraps represent peloid therapy using warm body wrap resulting in higher blood perfusion and tissue regeneration.

HYDROTHERAPY - Kneipp's hydrotherapy, whirlpool, Scottish sprays, Herbal bath, hydro massage, magnesium bath.

ELECTROTHERAPY - various forms of electric currents, which increase blood flow. Hydrogalvan, ultrasound, magnetotherapy.

Wellness and beauty:
HAMMAM – luxurious historical Turkish bath, built in 1888. Today it is available not only to our guests but also to the general public. Guests of the spa use it as a place for relaxation and massages.

SPECIAL MASSAGES – detoxifying honey massage, Thai massage, Hot Lava stones.

RELAXATION POOLS – five thermal pools with the temperature 35 – 39 °C.

GRAND OUTDOOR SWIMMING POOL - the stainless steel pool is designed as a multipurpose pool with three swimming lanes and a relax zone.
The relaxation pool has various water attractions along the perimeter, such as air beds, hot tubs, seats with massage jets, or wide spray and spot water jets.
Grand pool is open all year round.

FINNISH SAUNA AND INFRARED SAUNA significantly improve the immune system; improve blood circulation leading to degradation of fat stores, cholesterol, toxins, and heavy metals.

Trencianske Teplice Spa - Krym Spa Hotel

Spa Hotels

Pax Spa Hotel
- Popular newly reconstructed spa hotel in the center of the pedestrian zone
- The hotel is connected with spa facilities where the procedures are provided
- Some procedures are available directly in the hotel

Krym Spa Hotel
- The most comfortable spa hotel, located in the center of the pedestrian zone
- The procedures and medical examination are provided directly in the hotel
- Outdoor swimming pool Grand

Eskulap Spa Hotel
- Consulting rooms and some procedures are in the hotel; other procedures are provided 50-100 meters from the hotel

Atlantis Spa Hotel
- Dependance spa hotel in a quiet part of the town center
- Reception desk and consulting rooms of the physicians are in Eskulap Spa hotel
- Procedures are provided 100-200 meters from the hotel

Viktoria Spa Hotel
- Dependance spa hotel situated in a quiet location next to the park
- Reception desk and consulting rooms are in the nearby Eskulap Spa hotel
- Procedures are provided 50-100 meters from the hotel

Esplanade Spa Hotel
- Dependance spa hotel located in the spa park
- Reception throughout the week after 3 PM and at weekends is in Eskulap Spa Hotel

Pramenny Dvor Spa hotel
- Dependance spa hotel located in the spa park with the reception at Eskulap Spa Hotel
- Procedures are provided 20-100 meters from the hotel
Pax Spa Hotel - Comfort Double Room

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