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Spa History

The local hot springs were first mentioned in the 13th century. The thermal springs got acquired by the royal town of Kremnica in the 16th century.
Turcianske Teplice was popular with nobility from Hungary, Poland, Austria, and Transylvania.

In 1885 a new building of the Blue Spa and the two-floor spa house was built. In 1926 the spa house Mala Fatra, today Royal Palace Hotel, was built. Finally, Velka Fatra and Aqua spa houses were built in the 1980s.

Turcianske Teplice Spa - Royal Palace Hotel

Natural Healing Resources

Healing thermal springs are the natural resource used in spa balneology procedures.

Thermal healing water is richly mineralized helps improve blood and lymph circulation. The water has provable healing effects on musculoskeletal diseases, urological, nervous, and gynecological diseases.

Thermal mineral water is used for baths and water drinking cures. Drinking cure is suitable for the treatment of hyperacidity and increased production of stomach acids.

Turcianske Teplice Spa - Spa & Aquapark

Medical And Beauty Treatments

Medical procedures:
BALNEOTHERAPY – peat bath, mud baths, parafango wraps, peat compress, mineral bath, thermal pool
HYDROTHERAPY – aromatherapy bath, herbal bath, Scottish sprays, underwater massage, whirlpool, bubble bath
MASSAGE PROCEDURES – classic medical massages, special relaxation massages, reflexology massages, lymphatic massage, shiatsu
ELECTROTHERAPY – interferential currents, ultrasound, magnetic therapy, infrared light, Bioptron light, laser treatment

Wellness and beauty:
ROYAL BATH – the spa part of the Royal Palace Hotel;
Golden bath with thermal mineral water, gold procedures for skin rejuvenation, massages, heat therapy, hydrotherapy

SPA & AQUAPARK – the only Slovak aquapark with healing
Spa area – relaxation pool, rehabilitation pool with massage jets, whirlpool, vital world
Aquapark area – outdoor swimming pool 25 m, attraction pool with hydro-massage beds, two toboggan slides (47 m and 97 m), interior relaxation pool
Turcianske Teplice Spa - Venus Golden Treatment

Spa Hotels

Hotel Royal Palace*****
- The most luxurious spa house in Art Deco style designed for more demanding clients
- Modern Royal Bath spa centre with the Golden Bath
- The hotel is connected to the Spa & Aquapark with swimming pools and water attractions

Velka Fatra Spa House****
- Modern and luxurious accommodation in the Gold Spa
- Procedures and other services available directly in the spa house

Velka Fatra Spa House***
- A comfortable accommodation in the Gold Spa
- Procedures and other services available directly in the spa house

Aqua Spa House**
- In a quiet part of Turcianske Teplice Spa, only 50 m from SPA & AQUAPARK
- 200 m from Velka Fatra Spa House, where procedures are provided

Velka Fatra Spa House - Superior Room

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