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Walking Tour along the Slovak Amber Road - Vah River Basin

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Spa History

The first written mention of the healing springs is from 1549. In 1778, the first bathhouses were built. The medicinal health spa business began in 1830.

Although Piestany spa history dates back to the 16th century, the town has been internationally famous since the 19th century.

The health spa was leased to the Winter family in 1889 and gained fame among numerous famous personalities including aristocrats, and royalty.

Piestany Spa - Ensana Thermia Palace Hotel

Natural Healing Resources

Thermal mineral water springs from more than 2,000 meters below ground. Its surface temperature is 67 - 69 °C (153 – 156 °F), and so it is cooled before use in the spa.
The thermal mineral water is high in sulfur, positively affecting the healing of chronic mobility, muscular-skeletal, and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and rheumatism.

Sulfurous mud is blue-almost-black peloid sediment harvested from the banks of the town’s river Vah. The mud is marinated in the thermal mineral water for a whole year before its use in treatments.
It has exceptional physical, chemical, and biological qualities; and is certified throughout the European Union for therapeutic purposes.
Piestany Spa - Healing Mud

Medical And Beauty Treatments

Medical procedures:
Piestany Spa offers a combination of traditional and modern therapies.

Balneotherapy is the most crucial part of health spa treatment using water from healing mineral springs and mud. Health-promoting effects of balneological applications are muscle relaxation and pain relief, stress reduction, stimulation of circulation, and blood pressure regulation.

Drinking cure uses mineral water for treating kidney, prostate, heart, circulatory, and blood pressure disorders.

Medical massages help to relieve the pain, treat tense muscles, promote blood circulation and metabolism stimulation.

Wellness and beauty:
Variety of wellness hotel zones on one spa Island.

SPA WATER WORLD in Thermia Palace Hotel - outdoor thermal swimming pool, mud pool, mirror pool, whirlpool, sauna.
SPA WATER WORLD in Esplanade Hotel - outdoor and indoor relaxation pools with Jacuzzi, Finnish sauna, infra sauna, steam sauna, relaxation room, sun terrace, solarium, aqua fitness.
WELLNESS in Splendid Hotel - indoor and outdoor swimming pool, body treatments, aqua fitness.

EMPORIUM BEAUTY - unique skincare system by Mary Cohr, manicure and pedicure, facials, other beauty treatments.
BEAUTY SALON - unique skincare system Beauty Babor, manicure and pedicure, facials, other beauty treatments.

Piestany Spa - Ensana Esplanade Hotel

Spa Hotels

Thermia Palace Ensana Health Spa Hotel*****
- One of the best 5* spa hotels in Slovakia
- Built in Art-Nouveau style, located on Spa Island
- Unique mud pool at the historic Irma Health Spa

Esplanade Ensana Health Spa Hotel****
- Sizable 4* hotel in the Spa Island with leading health spa services in the largest balneotherapy center in central Europe
- Large event area, many pools, and rejuvenating sauna zone

Splendid Ensana Health Spa Hotel***
- 3* hotel offers quality health and spa holidays at an affordable price
- Five different restaurants
- Directly connected to the modern Balnea Health Spa

Pro Patria Ensana Health Spa Hotel**
- Built in 1916, renovated rooms in modern design
- Excellent Slovak and international cuisine
- A great selection of different therapeutic and rejuvenating wellness treatments

Vila Trajan Ensana Health Spa Hotel**
- Cozy villa in the pedestrian area of Piestany, just a few steps away from the spa department - Napoleon Health Spa
- Elegant design, authentic cuisine

Jalta Ensana Health Spa Hotel**
- Traditional yet functional, conveniently located in the center of Piestany town
- All curing therapies provide nearby Napoleon Heath Spa

Ensana Thermia Palace - Deluxe double room

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