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Tematin Castle

Tematin castle ruins are in Povazsky Inovec mountain near Nove Mesto nad Vahom town, in Western Slovakia. The medieval castle was built in the 13th century and belonged to many powerful and rich families over the centuries.

Tematin castle as a tourist attraction is an ideal destination for family hike or a day out in nature during your tour in Slovakia.

Tourists can reach the castle by three marked tourist routes:
1. Bezovec - Tematin - Bezovec (7.4 km, 2 hrs), easy blue marked trail
2. Luka - Tematin - Luka (12.4 km, 3:20 hrs), moderate blue marked trail
3. Hradok - Dolina - Tematin - Hradok (14 km, 3:45 hrs), moderate blue + yellow marked trail

Currently, the castle ruins are being preserved by volunteers under Tematin Castle Civic Association.
Tematin Castle - Route from Bezovec
Tematin Castle
Tematin Castle - Route from Luka
Tematin Castle
Tematin Castle - Route from Hradok

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