Life in Slovakia with COVID-19

COVID-19 Related Restrictions and Regulations in Slovakia

DAILY UPDATE January 18, 2021
Total number of RT-PCR tests: 1,612,781 (Last increase: 6,252)
Total number of lab-confirmed cases (RT-PCR): 224,385 (Last increase: 1,060)
Number of COVID-19 associated deaths: 3,526 (Last increase: 52)
Total number of recovered patients: 171,092 (Last increase: 2,177)

Current list of low-risk countries Slovakia has open borders and traveling with:
New Zealand
South Korea

No restrictions are applied if you travel from the countries above, where you spent last 14 days prior to arrival to Slovakia.

If you are comming solely from the EU countries, Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein, or Switzerland, you have to stay in home isolation (accommodation facility).
In case you have symptoms you are obliged to get tested for COVID-19 on the fifth day of your self-isolation at the latest. If you are asymptomatic, your self-isolation is completed after your 10-day self-isolation period is over or by getting negative RT-PCR test result.

If you are comming from a country which is not an EU member and is not mentioned on the list of low-risk countries, you have to stay in home isolation (accommodation facility) and get tested for COVID-19 on the fifth day of your self-isolation at the latest. Self-isolation is completed by getting negative RT-PCR test result.

Exceptions on entry to Slovakia
If you prove a negative result of the RT-PCR test for COVID-19 disease performed in laboratories outside the territory of the Slovak Republic, not older than 72 hours, you do not have to undergo mandatory isolation. This exception does not apply to arrivals from the UK.

Life in Slovakia and general regulations:
- Hotels, mountain huts and ski slopes are closed till February 7, 2021
- Natural health spas are open to accommodated guests only
- Wellness centers, fitness centers, water parks, outdoor swimming pools, night clubs, cinemas, and theaters are closed till February 7, 2021
- Restaurants and bars cannot serve food and beverages in their premises, only takeaway and food delivery is allowed
- Museums, galleries, and other tourist attractions are closed till February 7, 2021
- International fights, bus and train lines to Slovakia are in operation

- Wearing a face mask in the exteriors, public interiors, and public transport is compulsory

- Entry and stay in the operations (indoor areas) only with covered mouth and nose (face mask, scarf); this obligation does not apply to the time required for the consumption of beverages and meals in restaurants, bars, and cafes

- Apply hand sanitizer or disposable gloves at the entrance to the operation

- The number of customers in operation at one time cannot exceed the concentration of one customer per 15 m2 of the sales area of the premises

- Only people with body temperature of max. 37 °C are allowed to enter operation premises

- Operations have to do a frequent sanitizing of the premises

- Seniors over 65 have reserved shopping hours in the grocery stores and drugstores in time 9 AM - 11 AM (Mon - Fri); they can also use other time for shopping

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