Life in Slovakia with COVID-19

COVID-19 Related Restrictions and Regulations in Slovakia

DAILY UPDATE June 17, 2021
Number of persons vaccinated with the first dose: 1,921,294 (Last increase: 6,006)
Number of persons vaccinated with the second dose: 1,216,239 (Last increase: 20,154)
Number of patients with COVID-19 in hospitals: 167 (Last change: -15)
Number of people to be vaccinated to achieve 60% nation vaccination: 1,378,706


Green countries:
- the EU countries, Australia, China, Faroe Islands, Hong Kong, Greenland, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Lichtenstein, Macao, Monaco, Norway, New Zealand, Romania, San Marino, Singapur, South Korea, Vatican, Taiwan
- Upon return, a 14-day domestic quarantine applies, which may be terminated by a negative RT-PCR test not older than 72 hours or antigene test not older than 24 hours. Antigene test made only in Slovakia or neighboring "green" country is accepted.
- Vaccinated, recovered from the disease in the last 180 days, and children under 18 have an exemption from the quarantine.

Red countries:
- Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Georgia, Jordan, Canada, Kosovo, Cuba, Lebanon, Moldova, Puerto Rico, Russian Federation, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, United States of America, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine
- After a visit from the red country, the passenger must undergo a 14-day domestic quarantine, which may be completed by a negative RT-PCR test earliest on the eighth day.
- Vaccinated people do not have to get tested after the eighth day.

Black countries:
- all other countries not on the green and red list
- When returning from the black country, the 14-day quarantine continues regardless of the test result.

- No later than upon entry into the territory, people arriving in Slovakia must register at
- People arriving in Slovakia by air are also obliged to fill in the form of passenger location in connection with public health protection at
Life in Slovakia and general regulations:

- Hotels, mountain huts and ski slopes are open under specific regulations
- Natural health spas are open to accommodated guests only
- Wellness centers, water parks, fitness centers, indoor and outdoor swimming pools are open under specific regulations
- Restaurants and bars can serve food and beverages in their interior premises under specific regulations. Summer terraces can be open without restrictions.
- Museums, theaters, galleries, and other tourist attractions are open under specific regulations
- International fights, bus and train lines to Slovakia are in operation

- Wearing a face mask in public interiors and public transport is compulsory

- Wearing a face mask in the exteriors is not required (only for mass events).

- Entry and stay in the operations (indoor areas) only with covered mouth and nose (face mask, scarf); this obligation does not apply to the time required for the consumption of beverages and meals in restaurants, bars, and cafes

- Apply hand sanitizer or disposable gloves at the entrance to the operation

- The number of customers in operation at one time cannot exceed the concentration of one customer per 15 m2 of the sales area of the premises

- Operations have to do a frequent sanitizing of the premises

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