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Spa History

According to local legend, the mineral waters were already discovered in the 2nd century AD by ancient Roman soldiers. This reputation links to the so-called Roman baths, which are in the spa area.

There are several reports on the magical waters from the 16th century, and in 1742 healing springs in Dudince were mentioned. Dudince mineral waters were first officially mentioned in 1777.

The expansion of the spa occurred mainly in the period from the 18th to the 20th century.
The modern expansion of the spa town began in 1962 with the construction of spa houses and recreational facilities.
Dudince Spa - Wellness

Natural Healing Resources

Dudince mineral water is the only healing water in Slovakia and Central Europe with this unique composition.
Thanks to a unique combination of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide, it is used to treat locomotor and cardiovascular system diseases. Healing effects of the mineral water are also used as prevention against the mentioned diseases.

Carbon dioxide decreases blood pressure, heart rate frequency; and improves heart efficiency.

Healing water containing sulfur improves the extension of capillaries and arteries and relieves neurologic diseases and career stress.

Dudince Spa - Indoor Pool

Medical And Beauty Treatments

Medical procedures:
BALNEOTHERAPY - Mineral baths with dry wrap, a bubble bath with an ingredient (the most commonly used types of ingredients: Eucalyptus, Chamomile, Lavender, and Alpinol)
HYDROTHERAPY AND MASSAGES - Kneipp foot bath, underwater full body massage, various medical massages, Scottish sprays, Whirlpool bath
ELECTROTHERAPY - Biostimulus lamp, Hydrogalvan, Magnetotherapy, Phyaction, Ultrasound

Wellness and beauty:
WELLNEA VITAL WORLD is a wellness center in Rubin spa house.
Wellness center includes relaxing whirlpool (with heated water - approx. 32 ° C), dry and steam saunas, infra sauna, whirlpool with relaxation area, tepidarium (heated loungers), relaxing DUO bath for a couple, solarium, relaxing massages.
Rubin Spa House - Outdoor Swimming Pool

Spa Hotels

Rubin Spa House
- Accommodation, catering, treatment and additional services under one roof
- Vital World Wellnea centre and outdoor swimming pool
- Thai Relax Centre

Smaragd Spa House
- Renovated spacious rooms
- Connected with Rubin spa house with glass corridor to get to the balneotherapy procedures

Mineral Spa Hotel***
- Modern hotel with air-conditioning in the rooms
- Most treatment procedures directly in the hotel

Mineral Spa Hotel - Double room

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