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Belianske Tatras - Belianske Tatry, Slovakia

Former favorite ridge on Belianske Tatras mountains is closed from the 70s of last century due to protection of nature. More specifically, in 1978, Belianske Tatras ridge was closed and two years later also trail to Zdiarska fork. Belianske Tatras have become completely inaccessible to tourists. Situation changed in the early 90s, when the trail from Monk valley to Kopske saddle was open. Initially it was accesible for a charge, but since several years till present it is for free.

The starting point of the trail is the confluence of the Biela and Riglovy creek that flows out of the Monk valley. Trail continues through Monk valley into Siroke saddle and on the southwest slope of the Hlupy hill to Kopske saddle. This is a challenging route, even though the very beginning of the route does not rise much, but then it is much more difficult.

From the Siroke saddle is a nice view of the High Tatras and Belianske Tatras, but also Pieniny and Spis Magura is visible. For many tourists it is also important fact that Belianske Tatras still differ from the High Tatras. And not only that they are created of limestone. About 14 km long ridge of Belianske Tatras, starting over Tatranska Kotlina, Kobyli hill and ending by Rogova over Javorina hill, is composed of mentioned limestone and dolomite.
Belianske Tatras - main ridge Belianske Tatras - Belianske Tatry, Slovakia
Belianske Tatras -Muran Belianske Tatras - Muran
Belianske Tatras - Zdiar Zdiar
Belianske Tatras - chamois Belianske Tatras - chamois

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