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4-day Slovak Folk Traditions Tour

Slovak Folk Traditions in 4 days Itinerary

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todayFebruary - November, 2024

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5-day Slovak Folk Traditions Tour

Slovak Folk Traditions in 5 days Itinerary

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todayFebruary - November, 2024

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Slovakia Heritage - Tour of Slovak Folk Heritage

Slovak Folk Traditions in 6 days Itinerary

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todayAll year, 2024

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Tour Lower Tatra Mountains - Cervena Skala – Margecany

Lower Tatra train tours Slovakia Route 173 Red Skala - Margecany is rightly named one of the most beautiful railways in Slovakia. They railway joins beautiful nature with technically most interesting railway objects. The train from under Kralova Hola Peak passes through Stratenska valley and stops at Dobsinska Ice Cave. There are nine tunnels on the track. Telgartsky tunnel is unique. It runs through it a track that turns into a loop on a 2.3-kilometer section in order to overcome a 31-meter elevation.

Another remarkable technical jewel on the track is the Chmarossky Viaduct at Telgart village. It is a 113.6-meter-long and 18-meter-high railroad bridge cut out of a fairy tale. It is one of the most famous and certainly the most beautiful technical monuments in Slovakia.

Tour Ciernohronska forest railway - Cierny Balog – Vydrovo

Cierny Balog train tours Slovakia One of the most sought-after tourist attractions in the Banska Bystrica region is the historic forest railway, which runs on a preserved 16-kilometer section around the village of Cierny Balog. Riding an old-fashioned train driven by a unique steam or historic locomotive is an unforgettable tour experience, especially when part of the wagon is made up of summer sightseeing wagons.

The route of the Cernohronska railway leads through the beautiful environment of the Slovenske rudohorie, where the forest zones alternate with the picturesque middle-class valleys. You can also enjoy the interesting accompanying program.

Tour Kysuce - Historical forest railway in Vychylovka

Vychylovka train tours Slovakia A technical monument, which you would be very hard to find is one of the Kysuce region's main attractions. These are the main attributes of the historic narrow gauge railway, which you will find in Nova Bystrica - Vychylovka as part of the Kysuce Village Museum.

Particularly unique is the part of the crash system that allows you to overcome the steep climb on a short stretch. There are only two such dirty railways in the world. The other is located in Peru.

Tour Velka Fatra Mountains - Banska Bystrica - Horna Stubna

Velka Fatra train tours Slovakia The route passes through the scenic mountain landscape along the slopes of the Velka Fatra mountain range, on the border with the Low Tatras Mountains and the Kremnicke Hills. And that's exactly what gives way to the train by this route its unmistakable beauty. It is precisely because of the extremely rugged terrain that there are up to 22 railway tunnels with a total length of 12 kilometers in the 31 kilometer section, which is more than a quarter of all tunnels in Slovakia.

The longest tunnel on the track is also the longest in Slovakia and even in the former Czechoslovakia. It is called Cremosniansky tunnel and measures 4,698 meters.

Tour Stiavnicke hills - The youth trail (Hronska Dubrava - Banska Stiavnica UNESCO silver town)

Banska Stiavnica train tours Slovakia A single-lane mountain railroad connects Pohronie region with the historic Banska Stiavnica UNESCO silver town and crosses the valley of Jasenica stream. Its construction consisted of more than 47,000 brigades from the entire republic between 1948 and 1949. The work was to prove the constructive enthusiasm of young people dedicated to socialism.

The railway track in this section already existed and its history dates back to 1873. It was the first narrow-rail steam railway in the then Hungarian Empire, and for its use it was used by the mining pit. The steam train, which passed here, was given the familiar name "Štiavnická Anča", which the locals used so far to indicate the train set running on this track.

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