High Tatra Mountains Huts 2

High Tatra Mountains Huts

Chata pri Zelenom plese - Brncalka - 1551 m

Chata pri Zelenom plese The hut at Zelene pleso is situated in a valley of Zelene lake on the banks of the Zelene lake. Hikers, climbers and skiers like the hut because of good and suitable terrain conditions. It is maybe the most popular hut in the Tatra Mountains. In 1876, Egidova chalet grew on the southern bank, which burned down in 1890. In 1897, new Fridrich's chalet was built on the northern bank of the lake from which Brncalova hut was created by the subsequent extensions - now named hut at the Green lake (Chata pri Zelenom plese). The hut was named after Albert Brncal (1919-1950), teacher of physical education, member of the Tatra mountaineers - JAMES who died under Jastrabie saddle in Mala Zmrzla valley in the 1950s.

Accommodation: 56+27 persons

Rainerova chata - Rainerka - 1301 m

Rainerova chata The oldest and smallest maintained hut in the Tatra Mountains. Rainerova hut is situated near the ridges of Studenovodske Waterfalls at an altitude of 1301 meters close to Hrebienok. Rainerova hut was built in 1863 by Jan Juraj Rainer. Rainerova hut was renovated in 1983 and rebuild by Peter Petras in 1997.

Accommodation: 0

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Skalnata chata - 1751 m

Skalnata chata Skalnata hut is situated on the doorstep of Skalnata valley and was formerly a stone cottage. The first visitors of Skalnata valley camped under the overhanging boulder. Skalnata hut is situated very close to Skalnate lake. Skalnate lake is known today mainly due to the suspension cableway to Lomnicky peak and Lomnicke saddle. Some of the visitors may not even notice the small stone cottage, which is modestly crouching on the sidewalk leading from the cableway building to Hrebienok. Owner of Skalnata hut is a living legend Laco Kulanga, who was for many years the mountain carrier. He delivered a record load of 151 kg on his back and is considered a king of Slovak Tatra Mountains mountain carriers.

Accommodation (just emergency): 8 persons

Sliezsky dom - 1670 m

Hotel Sliezsky dom Tatra Mountains mountain hotel situated on the doorstep of Velicka valley on the banks of Velicke lake. Location of Sliezsky dom makes the hotel the highest mountain hotel in Slovakia. Hotel Sliezsky dom is especially unique because of its position, which allows direct trek on the Tatra Mountains highest peak - Gerlach. Gerlach is also the highest Slovak peak. Sliezsky dom hotel was completely renovated between 2009 and 2010 and from January 2011 offers accommodation and catering for visitors of the Tatra Mountains again.

Accommodation: 104 persons

Teryho chata - Terinka - 2015 m

Teryho chata Teryho chalet is the highest situated hut open all year round. Teryho chalet is situated in the Tatra Mountains - Mala Studena Valley nearby Five Spis lakes. The easiest trail is from Stary Smokovec through Hrebienok, Obrovsky waterfall and Zamkovskeho hut. More demanding access is from the north, from Tatranska Javorina - Javorova valley through the Sedielko.

Accommodation: 24 persons

Zamkovskeho chata - Zamka - 1475 m

Zamkovskeho chata Zamkovskeho hut is situated in the Tatra Mountains - Mala Studena Valley at an altitude of 1475 m above sea level. Zamkovskeho hut is the lowest located alpine chalet situated about an hour of walking from Hrebienok by red mark direction to Skalnate Pleso. Walking path from Hrebienok is easy, open all year round, so this tour is especially popular with families and children. Along the way you will be enchanted by Obrovsky waterfall and beautiful views of the Tatra Mountains basin.

Accommodation: 25 persons

Zbojnicka chata - Zbojnicka - 1960 m

Zbojnicka chata Zbojnicka hut is open all year round. Zbojnicka hut is situated at the top of the Velka Studena Valley. The hut was built in 1907. During 1910 was put into use for hikers and mountaineers of the Tatra Mountains. Zbojnicka hut was completely destroyed by fire in 1998. Thanks to the enthusiasts and sponsors it was managed to re-build, two years later.

Accommodation: 16 persons

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