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Ski resorts at Slovakia and Jasna – the best ski resort in Slovakia

Jasna ski resort in Low Tatras. The ski resort is situated in the mountains Low Tatras, which is part of Low Tatra national park.
Low Tatras massif trails over the middle of Slovakia in the length 82 km the east – west direction, between scenic valleys of rivers Vah and Hron. The highest peak is Dumbier 2043 m and second highest peak is Chopok 2024 m. The most popular skiing resort is Jasna in Demanovska dolina.
Jasna Low Tatras as the largest ski area with great condition for winter sports in Slovakia offers endless opportunities of entertainment and active relax on the northen and southern side of Chopok.
On the north Chopok there are three ski areas Zahradky, Biela put and Otupne. The southern slope have chair lift and six ski lifts. Chopok south parts are Srdiecko, Kosodrevina, Front and back Derese and Krupova.
The ski resort offers 49 km of slopes different difficulty, suitable for beginners, families with children, advanced skiers and also organize word class competition.
Modern snowmaking system in the length of 30 km offers the snow and ski guarantee for minimum 5 months in year. The lenght of the winter ski season is usually from December to the end of April.
Jasna ski resort
Jasna ski resort
Jasna ski resort

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