Skiing in Slovakia in the Best Ski Resorts (Travel Blog)

Skiing in Slovakia in the Best Ski Resorts

Ski resort Tatranská Lomnica

Ski resort Tatranská Lomnica Tatranská Lomnica is an impressive Slovak ski resort with several separate ski resorts. There are 13 slopes with a total length of 12 km. The longest piste is up to 2 km, but some ski slopes also have a length of over 5 km. About half of the ski slopes are light blue tracks, 43% of the ski slopes are in the red category and 10% of the ski slopes are classified as black.

Up to 11 km the track is artificially snowy, offering great skiing conditions throughout the skiing season. An altitude of 1746 m is the maximum, which you can find among the Slovak ski resorts. There are 6 lifts and 3 cable cars in Tatranska Lomnica.

Ski resort Starý Smokovec

Ski resort Starý Smokovec This oldest ski resort in the Tatras Mountains is ideal for family holiday skiing in the Tatra Mountains with small children and ski lessons. The ski resort has two separate areas. Jakubkova luka has two light ski lifts with lifts. Both of them, 853m and 70m, are suitable for undemanding skiing.

Hrebienok also offers an easy but longer ski slope with a total length of 2350m and no technical snowfall. On Hrebienok you can also find a toboggan run 2500m long. Both runways serve the land lift.

Ski resort Jasná, Low Tatras

Ski resort Jasná Jasna is the most famous and largest ski resort in Slovakia with the second highest elevation of 1061m. Dominant is the impressive Chopok, at the top of which there is a restaurant with a terrace, from which there is a beautiful panoramic view around Slovak mountains.

Jasná ski resort is divided into two parts. The North falls on Liptov and South on Horehronie. There are a total of 34 ski slopes in the resort that offer varied skiing conditions. 41% of the ski slopes are red, 18% of the ski slopes are black and the rest are blue. The total length of the slopes is 43 km, of which 36 km with snow and 1 km with illumination. The longest ski slope in Jasna is 5 km away.

A total of 28 ski lifts, including 5 cabin and 8 chairlifts, are available for ski tourists. Jasná ski area offers up to 12 freeride zones in good snow conditions.

Ski resort Štrbské Pleso

Ski resort Štrbské Pleso Štrbské Pleso ski resort has several unique features. It is the highest settlement in the Tatras Mountains. Its surroundings are ideal for cross-country skiing and runners can find more than 26 km of cross-country trails. Their altitude above 1300 meters above sea level is a solid guarantee of enough snow during the winter ski season.

The skiing in the resort is centered around the Solisko hill, which is also the highest point of the ski resort. In total there are 9 ski slopes with a total length of 9 km and 8 of them are artificially snowy. The longest piste is 3 km away. Most of the ski slopes are red, about 37% are blue. There are 8 lifts and lifts together in the ski resort.

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