Slovakia has primeval forests, desert and stone waterfall (Travel Blog)

Slovakia's natural rarities - primeval forests, desert and stone waterfall

Stone waterfall, sea and gothic castle is in Šomoška

The Slovak National Nature Reserve Šomoška offers several unique attractions. Šomoška is located on the border with Hungary near Fiľakovo town in Cerova vrchovina hills. You will find a volcanic stone waterfall nine meters high and about four million years old, which is home to the period of active volcanoes in Slovakia. Magma of the volcanoes, after touching the surface of the earth, changed to gradually setting lava and we can still look at the result to this day.
Nearby there is another natural gem - the stone sea and you can also walk to the mysterious ruins of the gothic castle Šomoška. Somoska stone waterfall

Primeval forest Badín

Few people know that there are more than 70 primeval forests in Slovakia. Badínsky primeval forest is located only ten kilometres from Banská Bystrica town. The unspoiled nature of the forest has an area of more than 30 hectares, huge white fir trees are about 400 years old, a height of 46 meters and their trunk circumference is over 550 centimetres. Badinsky prales

Slovak desert - Šranecké sands

Approximately halfway between Slovak villages Lakšarská Nová Ves and Plavecký Mikuláš, you will have an unusual landscape reminiscent of the African desert and sand dunes. The sand here brought the wind from the Morava River millions of years ago, giving this Slovak area an exceptional character. This area belongs to protected areas of European importance; there are several rare species of flora and fauna. Sranecke snads

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