Road Trips Slovakia - Most Scenic Roads for your Car Trip (Travel Blog)

High Tatras trip scenic drive

The D1 motorway under the High Tatras: Crossing the Tatras always has its charm. A pleasant bonus is quick and safe driving on the motorway. Spectacular views of the Tatras mountains. Along the way stop in Strba village, Vychodna village or Liptovda Mara dam, you will have a nice view of Tatras everwhere.

From the Hnusta to Jelsava trip scenic drive

Passage of 38 kilometers stage from Hnusta to Jelsava takes about 45 minutes. It is like the way to a forgotten world. The road meanders through the villages, forests and hills. Views of the valleys tempt the drivers to pay attention to the surrounding environment and not driving.

Around the Spis Castle trip scenic drive

Whether you exit the Branisko tunnel or coming from Poprad, the way around Spis Castle always gets drivers' attention. View of one of the largest castles in Europe is definitely worth slowing down on the straight road. Or just stop around and draw water from the mineral springs that bubble up in the area.


It is a stalwart on the main south thrust to east of the country. The road is wide and safe, on top of Soroska is almost straight stage and popular restaurant as a pleasant surprise. Driving through the curves is enriched with the views of the countryside and the nearby Zadielska gorge.

Huty (Liptovska Mara – Zuberec)

The road through the mountain pass Huty actually starts already at Liptovska Mara dam and gradually from a height of 564 MASL rises to 1,100 MASL in Huty where you will have a wonderful view of the Liptov basin. This is a less used path, which gives more freedom on the road.

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