Most Scenic Road Trips Slovakia - West & Central Slovakia (Travel Blog)

Donovaly trip scenic drive

Donovaly are probably the most busy mountain pass in Slovakia. The entire stage has nearly 30 kilometers and the road rises steeply to an altitude of 960 MASL. The road is most enjoyable out of winter season, but if you will be there in the winter surely visit local ski resort.

Pezinska Baba trip scenic drive

Mountain pass near Bratislava is known for hill climb races. Total lenght of stage is 14 kilometers and fans of twists will enjoy it especially among Pezinok town and Baba ski area. Following road downhill to Pernek is more relaxing but still enjoyable for drivers.

Hodrusa - Hamre trip scenic drive

Mining history of the village and its surroundings gives a reason to stop at almost each kilometer. Along the way between towns Zarnovica and Banska Stiavnica you can find a lot of adits and mining water reservoirs that are included in the UNESCO World Heritage (UNESCO). We recommend a break in Hodrusa lakes and visit the nearby 700 years old mine.

Around Orava castle trip scenic drive

At 6.4 kilometers stage of road R3 around Orava castle drivers pass through nine bridges. Dominant one lies over river Orava and railway is up to 750 meters long.

Maninska gorge trip scenic drive

If you turn from Povazska Bystrica town towards Zaskalie, you will never regret it. The path will lead you along the Maninska gorge. Maninska gorge is less than a kilometer long and in some places only 15 m wide (narrowest place is 3.7 m wide). It is the narrowest gorge in Slovakia, through which the road was built.

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