Slovakia Things To Do (Travel Blog)


Bratislava Travel The main and largest city of Slovakia is hiding more than you might think. Also marked as a beauty on the Danube, Bratislava offers history, culture and entertainment. In addition to history, you will also be fascinated by the present. This "little town" will devour you through your city streets, beautiful buildings and squares. If you are planning a trip to the capital, certainly do not forget about monuments such as Bratislava Castle, Slavín, which has a wonderful view of the whole Bratislava city, Danube River or the Slovak National Gallery.


Tatra Mountains Travel The Tatras region in the north of Slovakia is the most tempting for tourists. Due to the unusual concentration of natural beauty, they have been called the "Miniature Alps". Whether you visit them in summer or winter, you still have something to do. In winter you can ski and relax in the evenings in the evening. The best ski slopes include Strbske Pleso and Rocky Pleso, where you can ski up to mid-May. In summer, hiking in forests awaits you. And believe, the paths are more than enough. Whether for beginners or advanced learners.


Spissky Castle Travel In the eastern part of Slovakia there are several castles. The most interesting is the Spiš Castle. With an area of four hectares, the title has been the largest castle ruin in Central Europe. Construction started at the beginning of the 12th century. In 1780, the castle was destroyed the fire. There is an educational walkway with a few pillars where you can read about history. In 1993, the Spiš Castle was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The castle is perfect tip for trip close to Levoca town.


Kosice Travel The second largest Slovak town lies on the Hornád River in the eastern part of Slovakia. It has a rich history and is also experiencing a very dynamic present. If you choose to have a trip to Košice, do not miss the historic center, which is the largest urban monument reservation in Slovakia. Visit also the Main Square, which is one of the most beautiful in Slovakia and the dominant of the town of Dóm sv. Elizabeth.


Slovensky Raj Travel If you belong among the lovers of hiking and tourism, Slovak Paradise is right for you. All you need is quality shoes, drink and food for the trip in Slovak Paradise. It features one of the largest ice caves in the world UNESCO site. In addition to it you will find beautiful waterfalls. The Slovak Paradise is one of the youngest national parks in Slovakia.


Wooden Churches Travel The most beautiful wooden buildings in Slovakia include wooden churches, which are unique in their construction. The churches of the Carpathians, which have been registered in UNESCO since 2008, have an exceptional worldwide value. They include: the Roman Catholic Churches in Hervartov and Tvrdosin, the Evangelical Churches in Kežmarok, Leštiny and Hronsek and the churches of the Eastern Orthodox Church in Bodružal, Ladomirova and Russian Bystra. We offer very interesting tour to visit all of them.


Banska Stiavnica Travel The region of Central Slovakia is significant in beautiful cities and loud-speaking Slovak. Banská Štiavnica is among the most beautiful and most interesting places in our country. You can see the Trinity and Town Hall Squares. They are separated by a Gothic church of St. The catarins and the town hall building with a slim clock tower.

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