Small Carpathians Wine Route (Travel Blog)

Small Carpathians Wine Route

The Small Carpathians wine route leads from Bartislava to Trnava. These are the two largest cities of this region. Among them are three smaller old royal towns - Pezinok, Modra and Svaty Jur, having their title since the 17th century, mainly thanks to the production of high quality wine.

On the Wine Cellars Open Day in November wine producers open their cellars and wineries for all participants of the event.

Bratislava - Raca and Vajnory boroughs offer the first wine cellars of local wine producers. Raca was always famous for Lemberger red wine (Frankovka).

Svaty Jur is a small town about 5 minutes drive from Bratislava. Its historical town center is so uniquely preserved that we can still see how a typical wine town looked like a few centuries ago.

Pezinok and Modra are very similar wine town located next to each other. Both towns are popular for their traditional autumn vintage.

Cerveny Kamen castle has the largest medieval wine cellars, the biggest of which is Fuggers' cellar. The castle is to be found in Casta village.

Trnava city, also called "Little Rome" or "Slovak Vatican", is the last stop of this interesting day. You can see many ecclesiastical and historical buildings and monuments there.
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