Liptovska Teplicka - Stodoliste (Travel Blog)

Liptovska Teplicka - Stodoliste

Stodoliste is complex of original wooden frame buildings - barns, which are built up to the middle of last century, creates a dense and spottily buildings in Liptovska Teplicka.

Liptovska Teplicka still has registered 117 barns in the Stodoliste. The village uses them not only for economic purposes but also for cultural events during the exhibition in Liptovska Teplicka.

Along with potato cellars, water spring Skvrkovec, rocky hill Turnicka and wooden amphitheater overlooking the terraced fields and the High Tatras creates an indescribable aesthetic experience.
Liptovska Teplicka - Stodoliste

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