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Tokaj Wine Route

The Tokaj Wine Route is a cultural educational route leading from Trebisov town to the Tokaj region, represented by 7 municipalities whose territory is considered to be the historical Tokaj region: Mala Trna, Velka Trna, Slovenske Nove Mesto, Vinicky, Cerhov, Cernochov and Bara.
The territory is a complex of unique natural and cultural values ‚Äč‚Äčthat have been proposed to be listed in the UNESCO heritage.

The historical area passes into the protected zone with the villages: Luhyna, Velaty, Kyst, Kasov, Cejkov, Zemplin, Ladmovce, Streda nad Bodrogom, Klin nad Bodrogom and Borsa.
This area also includes vineyards and small cellars of local wine producers, meanders and dead shoulders of river Bodrog with precious flora and fauna and national cultural monuments.
Tokaj Wine Route - Vinicky Vineyard
Tokaj Grapes
Tokaj Wine Route - Wine Barrels
Tokaj Sigtseeing Tower - Mala Trna
Tokaj Vineyard

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