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Sheep Breeding Country Tour of Slovakia

Sheep Breeding Country Tour of Slovakia, Slovakia Travel, Location Welcome in "LAZY-KOPANICE-SAMOTA" the places of history of Slovak nation.

Many people lived in small villages or lone cottages in the mountains (which are called LAZY-KOPANICE-SAMOTA) in the past. These places were usually very poor. People used to plant corn, potatoes, beans for themselves and for their cattle - sheep, cows, horses, pigs. Old people mostly died and their descendants moved to towns or big villages. All we can find now is peaceful place with feeling of history and hard work and life there. As our grandparents lived there we would like to show this place where old people were working. Socialistic life changed minding of the people but place is still the same.

In present time we use this place for sheep breeding farming in the summer. It's hard job because after 20 years of missing any agriculture, the area is very overgrown. We want to give the life back to the place where modern age doesn't make any sense.

We will visit Tuhar, small village with unused socialistic farm, base of our sheep breeding. Then we will try to work as sheep shepherds in the "salas" - name for building for shepherds and sheep. We will spend some time with our friends from the village - quite poor people but very friendly and hearty persons and of course we will visit LAZY-KOPANICE-SAMOTA - place were our family was born - KOSKA family.

You will never forget tasting:
- Lunch with Slovak family
- Dinner with Slovak family
- Barbecue
- White fresh sheep cheese
- Smoked sheep cheese
- Bryndza - only Slovak famous cheese
- Zincica - milk drink
- Rozovka - Slovak home made whiskey 52%
- Jablkovica, Hruskovica, Slivovica - home made alcohol 55%; ingredients fruits (apples, pears, plums)

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Day 1

Arrival to Slovakia, accommodation, informal reception.

We will provide your transport from any of the airports: Bratislava, Vienna, Kosice, Budapest, Krakow or we will provide transport from any place if mentioned towns or surroundings.

Accommodation in comfortable ***Hotel Reduta in Lucenec , historical main town of the area. Lucenec is located in central Slovakia, 245 km far from Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.
The hotel Reduta is located 10 km far from the LAZY-KOPANICE-SAMOTA farm.
We still don't have suitable accommodation in the village but Lucenec is historical town with mixing of Slovaks and Hungarians and mixing of historical, socialistic and modern architecture - very interesting to compare.

Day 2

Full day program; We will meet you around 7.30 in the hotel's lobby and we will drive to the farm using JEEP car.

The program in the farm starts with sheep milking (you can try). Shepherd will do this handy as in the past. Handy sheep milking is the best method for sheep farming still used in Slovakia.

Then we will see (you can try) how to make the cheese.

Then we can follow sheep on their way or we can try picking mushrooms or picking fruits or just enjoy beautiful area of the village and LAZY-KOPANICE-SAMOTA.

Lunch time - lunch in our friends house or in the LAZY-KOPANICE-SAMOTA - Halusky s bryndzou.

Afternoon - shepherd will show us how to make palicu, pistalu, fujaru, bic.

In the evening - come back to Lucenec

We will adapt program of day depending on the season:
- January - June - Sheep are moved to the farm in the village
- July - October - Sheep are directly in the LAZY-KOPANICE-SAMOTA
- November - January - Sheep are moved to the farm in the village

Day 3

We will visit sights in surroundings

Divin castle - Ruins of Divin's castle are located above the village Divin in Revucske hills

Monuments of Slovak national upraising - Memorial to victims of Slovak national uprising - the famous monument of central Slovakia

Wooden painted wooden crosses - Unique folklore architectural jewels of this type found only on the broad surroundings around Detva

Afternoon - farewell and departure from Slovakia.

- We can book for you any accommodation in Slovakia through our reservation system at our Hotel site
- More days with individual or guided programs available
- We will happily arrange for you more days in our sheep farm as:

- Half day tour on the top of Bralce peak - unique view of Low Tatras and the High Tatras Mountains
- Full day tour around Polana Hills
- Half day tour to Kalamarka - Andesite stone hill
- Half day tour to waterfall Bystro
- and much more...