The High Tatras National Park presents amazing world of rocky peaks, wild waterfalls, mountain lakes and numerous tourist paths ideal for medium and expert level adventurers. The highest summit, Gerlach peak, rises to a cloud-touching height of 2,655 meters above sea level. Tatra valleys hide more than 110 glittering mountain lakes and rare endemic species: mountain goats and rock badgers. One must enjoy the transition of the forests into the steep rocky peaks while ascending the peaks. The High Tatras are the most sought out mountain range for alpine tourism and will awake strong experience in every visitor who will certainly keep lifelong memories. One can admire mighty peaks and enchanting nature wherever he takes a look.

The tour can be extended to climbing the highest peak of Slovakia - Gerlachovsky peak in High Tatras with mountain guide.

  1. Day 1 Arrival in Poprad, Slovakia.

    - arrival in Slovakia; Poprad town
    - accommodation
    - informal reception

    Overnight in Poprad

  2. Day 2 Day hike from Popradske pleso train station to Velke Hincovo pleso (mountian lake).

    Velke Hincovo lake:
    We will take a hike to the lake Velke Hincovo pleso (Great Hinc Lake) that is the largest in area (20.08 ha) and the deepest lake in High Tatras. It is situated in the upper part of the valley Mengusovska dolina, at an altitude of 1946 m. With its appearance, it reminds a big blue eye dwelling at the bottom of the valley.

    Overnight in Poprad

    Walk's details (interactive map):

  3. Day 3 Day hike from Stary Smokovec to Zamkovsky hut, Tery hut and Zbojnicka hut.

    From Mala Studena valley to Velka Studena valley:
    We will hike from Mala Studena dolina (Small Cold Valley) and Teryho Chata (Tery’s Chalet; altitude 2015m) to the mountain chalet Zbojnicka Chata (Robber’s Chalet; altitude 1960m), built in the Velka Studena Dolina (Great Cold Valley) and surrounded by rocky peaks. Both chalets provide its services during all seasons and supplies have to be carried up to it on the shoulders of sherpas.

    Overnight in Poprad

    Walk's details (interactive map):

  4. Day 4 UNESCO sites: Levoca town and Spis castle.

    We will do sightseeing tour in Levoca town and we will visit the Spis Castle.

    The historic town of Levoca situated on the east of the Spis region is a true cultural and historic jewel among the Slovak towns as it possesses a great number of architectural monuments linked with the glorious past of the town. The dominant part of the old Levoca is the large rectangular square, with the Roman-Catholic St. James church from the 14th century, which is one of the most important sacral buildings in Slovakia. The tall slender church tower from the first half of the 19th century is the most distinct feature in the town silhouette. The Late Gothic wooden main altar of St. James with the height of 18.6 m is the highest of its kind in the world. It was made of lime wood in 1507-1517 in the workshop of  Master Pavol of Levoca.

    In the  eastern horizon of Spisske Podhradie towers the Spis Castle. As a National Cultural Monument, Spis Castle with its area of more than four ha, and partially in ruins, is one of the largest castle compounds in Central Europe.   Spis Castle was included in the UNESCO list of monuments belonging to the world cultural heritage in 1993.


    Spisska Kapitula is sometimes also referred to as the“Slovak Vatican”. Church life not only  in Spisska Kapitula (The Chapter of Spis) was organised from here by the bishops, provosts, and canonists. The most important building of Spisska Kapitula is the  Late-Romanesque St Martin's Cathedral. It acquired its massive form of a three-nave building with two towers in the years 1245-1275.

      The Spis community of Zehra is known for its precious local Roman-Catholic Holy Spirit church that is, along with other monuments around the Spis Castle, included in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List. Unique medieval wall paintings that were created gradually, from the second half of the 13th century till the end of the 15th century, were preserved in the church interior.

    Overnight in Poprad

  5. Day 5 Day hike to Chata pri Zelenom plese (hut by the Green lake) and to Jahnaci peak.

    Jahnaci peak:
    We will visit the mountain chalet Chata Pri Zelenom Plese (Chalet By Green Lake; altitude 1554m) in the valley of Zelene Pleso (Green Lake). The chalet is situated above the lake, which is unusually green in colour and is surrounded by magnificent High Tatras peaks.

    From the Chalet by Green Lake, we will ascend to the top of Jahnaci stit (Lamb Peak, altitude 2220 m). This peak is the best view point in the Eastern part of High Tatras. We will be crossing a very difficult hiking terrain with the help of chains and foot-boards mounted to the cliffs.

    Overnight in Poprad

    Walk's details (interactive map):

  6. Day 6 Day hike from Strbske Pleso to Krivan peak.

    We will take a hike up to the top of Krivan (altitude 2494 m); it is a peak that is a symbol of Slovak national pride. Krivan is a dominant peak of High Tatras and it can be seen from a very far distance. An interesting information about Krivan is that there were gold mines under its top in the past.

    Overnight in Poprad

    Walk's details (interactive map):

  7. Day 7 Pieniny National Park: rafting on wooden rafts on Dunajec river, visit to Cerveny Klastor monastery museum.

    We will visit Cerveny Klastor Monastery and we will raft down the river Dunajec on the traditional wooden rafts.

    Cerveny Klastor is a unique cultural and historical relic set in the wonderful natural environment of Pieniny under the majestic mountain Tri koruny (Three Crowns). The monastery was successfully restored in the years 1956-1966. The best building, from an architectural point of view, is the Gothic church of St Anton from the end of the 14th century with one nave of unusual length restored in the Baroque style. The main altar is in the Baroque style, built in 1745. In front of the entrance to the monastery is the park declared the Protected Area of Pieninske lipy  in 1972. It protects 19 old and valuable lime trees.

    Unforgettable is a ride on wooden rafts through a Dunajec river canyon- largest in Central Europe, in the magnificent scenery of the Pieniny National Park. Raftsmen dressed in traditional Goral costumes talk during a raft ride about local history,rare fauna and flora, as well as legends and tales connected with surrounding rocks. Rafting starts at the quay bellow the village of Majere on the way to Cerveny Klastor. Slovak rafts, steered by two experienced raftsmen, finish their ride at the Slovak-Polish state border in the village of Lesnica. The rafts are actually wooden structures consisting of five small boats tied together. The sail on the winding river is 11 km long, takes 90 minutes and carries ten passengers at a time. 

    Overnight in Poprad

  8. Day 8 Day hike to Batizovske lake and Velicke lake near Sliezsky dom hotel.

    From Batizovska Valley to Velicka Valley:
    We will take a hike from Batizovska Valley to Velicka Valley where we will get to see two beautiful glacial lakes and have views of surrounding peaks. We will finish the day hike in the mountain hotel Sliezsky dom (Silesian House).

    Overnight in Poprad

    Walk's details (interactive map):

  9. Day 9 Day hike from Popradske pleso train station to Rysy peak.

    We will hike up to Chata pod Rysmi, the highest altitude mountain chalet in the range, and then to Rysy (altitude 2499 m), the most visited peak in the High Tatras, located on the border with Poland. The ridge in this area is frequently enveloped in mist.

    Overnight in Poprad

    Walk's details (interactive map):

  10. Day 10 Farewell.

    Farewell and departure from Slovakia.

Basic information

from €1065 per person

Duration: 10 days

Type/style: Guided hiking and walking tour

Level of difficulty: Moderate / challenging

Languages: English, French, Deutsch

Pick up & Drop off: On your request

Big Hincovo Lake Poprad Pleso Lake Hotel Zbojnicka chata Velka Studena Dolina Tery hut Zehra church UNESCO World Heritahe Spisky Castle Levoca medieval royal town Green Lake Hut Jahnaci Peak Krivan Peak Cerveny Klastor Monastery Batizovska Valley Velicka Valley Rysy Peak


- Trip transport (fuel, parking, etc.)
- Accommodation in stylish 3* hotel/pension with breakfast and dinner
- Services of professional guide throughout the tour as your private driver and an interpreter
- Information materials and maps
- mountain insurance
- Entrance tickets and fees


- lunch
- transport from airport to starting point of the trip and back