Slovak Paradise National Park presents a natural complex of extraordinary values and beauty. Many mysterious eye-catching ravines and tight formations can be admired throughout the area. Slovak Paradise National Park offers specific conditions for the life of rare and seldom seen fauna and flora.
Tatra National Park is the largest and most important natural reserve in Slovakia, with its challenging hikes and breathtaking views it rivals any mountain range in the world. The peaks and landscapes are monumental with 35 valleys, over 90 lakes and waterfalls crashing into impressive gorges.
Pieniny National Park is the smallest one among the Slovak national parks, but as far as concerns its beauty, it is in no way less astonishing than any other. This rare piece of nature is the second oldest national park in Slovakia and extends to the border with Poland. Dunajec river passes through this environment and complements its beauty. No one should miss the experience of rafting on Dunajec river and admire the wonderful scenery of the park sailiing down the river.

  1. Day 1 Arrival in Poprad, Slovakia.

    - Arrival in Poprad town
    - Accommodation in the guest house
    - Short meeting with guide
    - Dinner

  2. Day 2 Slovak Paradise day hike from Cingov to Klastorisko hut and Tomasovsky vyhlad (Tomasovsky view).

    - Breakfast
    - Car transport to Cingov, Slovak Paradise
    - Hiking route: Cingov - Klastorisko - Tomasovsky vyhlad
    - Return to Poprad
    - Dinner

    Cingov - Klastorna gorge - Tomasovsky vyhlad (6 hrs)
    We will visit Tomasovsky vyhlad, a rock cliff that represents an entry gate to Slovak Paradise. From there we will trek through the gorge of Hornad River and Klastorisko with beautiful waterfalls, rock spires and caves. The force of the Hornad River shaped the terrain that can be scaled only with the help of wooden and steel ladders mounted on the cliffs by the mountain rescue service.

    Route: Cingov - Klastorisko hut - Klastorisko gorge - Tomasovsky vyhlad - Cingov

    Walk's details (interactive map):

  3. Day 3 High Tatras day hike from Strbske Pleso to Bystre saddle.

    - Breakfast
    - Car transport to Strbske Pleso village, High Tatras
    - Hiking route: Strbske pleso - Skok waterfall - Bystre saddle - Strbske Pleso village
    - Return to Poprad
    - Dinner

    Strbske pleso - Bystre saddle (7 hrs)
    Strbske pleso is the most popular and most visited mountain lake in the High Tatras. Enjoy the walk to Skok waterfall before you continue through Bystre saddle (2.300 m) to Furkotska valley and back to Stbske Pleso village.

    Route: Strbske pleso - Skok waterfall - Bystre saddle - Strbske Pleso village

    Walk's details (interactive map):

  4. Day 4 Options for the day: Spisska Sobota historic town, Aquacity Poprad aquapark, UNESCO sites of Levoca town and Spis castle.

    - Breakfast
    - Activities according to choice
    - Return to Poprad

    Spisska Sobota was for centuries the wealthiest of the five Upper Spis towns. From 1945 it has represented one of the municipal parts of large Poprad. Spisska Sobota represents one of the best preserved medieval urban units in Slovakia declared in 1953 a Town Monument Reserve.

    Aquacity Poprad waterpark located in Poprad over the place of a geo-thermal spring that provides the energy source for the resort. The complex includes accommodation facility and the most modern spa facilities with an unique offer of relaxation therapies and innovation therapies for the bold ones.

    UNESCO sites - Levoca town and the Spis castle

  5. Day 5 Slovak Paradise day hike from Cingov to Sokolia dolina (Falcon valley).

    - Breakfast
    - Car transfer to Cingov, Slovak Paradise
    - Hiking route: Cingov - Zavojovy waterfall
    - Return to Poprad
    - Dinner

    Cingov - Zavojovy waterfall (7 - 8 hrs) :
    Another day in the canyons of Slovak Paradise; we will ascend the 80 meter high Zavojovy waterfall, the highest waterfall in Slovak Paradise in Sokolia valley. The order of waterfalls by hiking the valley: Bocny, Skalny and Vysny waterfall.
    Sokolia valley is one of the wildest ravines in Slovak Paradise. It is situated at the northern end of the Glac plateau.

    Route: Cingov - Klastorisko - Zavojovy waterfall - Cingov

    Walk's details (interactive map):

  6. Day 6 High Tatras day hike from Popradske pleso train station to Rysy peak.

    - Breakfast
    - Car transfer to Popradske pleso railway station
    - Hiking route: Popradske pleso - Rysy peak - Popradske pleso
    - Return to Poprad
    - Dinner

    Popradske lake - Rysy - Popradske pleso (7 hrs)
    You start in direction to Chata pod Rysmi (Hut under Rysy peak; altitude 2250 m), the highest located mountain hut in the High Tatras. You continue to Rysy peak (altitude 2499 m) located directly at the boarder with Poland and often shrouded by fog. Nevertheless the breathtaking view on surrounding panorama is awesome.

    Route: Popradske pleso hut - Hut under Rysy peak - Rysy peak - Popradske pleso hut

    Walk's details (interactive map):

  7. Day 7 Pieniny National Park rafting on wooden rafts on Dunajec river, visit to Cerveny Klastor monastery museum.

    - Breakfast
    - Car transfer to Pieniny National Park
    - Rafting down the river Dunajec
    - Cerveny Klastor monastery
    - Return to Poprad
    - Dinner

    Pieniny National Park is famous for its natural beauty, especially the Dunajec River gorge - popular rafting and hiking location. It lies in Pieniny mountains on north-eastern border with Poland.

    Cerveny Klastor monastery presents a unique cultural and historical relic set located in the wonderful natural environment of Pieniny under the majestic mountain Tri koruny. Nowadays serves as a museum.

    Option: the Lubovna Castle, built at the turn of the 13th and 14th century. An independent museum exhibition is presented by an open-air museum in the area at the foot of the castle hill. It consists of a set of folk buildings that form a picturesque settlement around the Castle.

  8. Day 8 Slovak Paradise day hike from Podlesok to Sucha Bela.

    - Breakfast
    - Car transport to Podlesok, Slovak Paradise
    - Hiking route: Podlesok - Sucha Bela - Podlesok
    - Return to Poprad
    - Dinner

    Podlesok - Sucha Bela (5 hrs)
    Another perfect day in Slovak National Parks. Sucha Bela is the most romantic ravine of the whole national park.

    Route: Podlesok - Sucha Bela gorge and back

    Alternative route is available.

    Walk's details (interactive map):

  9. Day 9 High Tatras day hike to Chata pri Zelenom plese (hut by the Green lake).

    - Breakfast
    - Car transfer to Biela Voda, High Tatras
    - Hiking route: Biela Voda - hut by the Green lake
    - Return to Poprad
    - Dinner

    Biela Voda - Chata Pri Zelenom Plese (5 hrs)
    Hut by the Green Lake is situated in the valley of Zelene Pleso (Green Lake) above the lake unusually green in colour and is surrounded by magnificent High Tatras peaks.

    Route: Biela Voda - Biele pleso - chata pri Zelenom plese - Salviovy pramen - Biela Voda

    Walk's details (interactive map):

  10. Day 10 Farewell.

    - Breakfast
    - End of the tour

Basic information

from €1065 per person

Duration: 10 days

Type/style: Guided hiking and walking tour

Level of difficulty: Moderate

Languages: English, French, Deutsch

Pick up & Drop off: On your request

Tomasovsky View - Slovak Paradise Klastorisko Remains of Monastery Skok Waterfall Strbske Pleso lake Levoca medieval royal town Spisky Castle Zavojovy Waterfall Rysy Peak Pieniny National Park Sucha Bela Gorge Green Lake Hut Kezmarsky Peak


- Accommodation for 9 nights at 3* guest house in Poprad
- Half board (breakfast and dinner)
- Trip transport (fuel, parking, etc.)
- Services of private guide for 8 days
- Mountain rescue insurance for 8 days


- Lunch
- Admission fees (estimated cost 20 EUR/ person)
- Airport transfer on arrival/departure day (can be arranged for an extra cost)