Tours from Bratislava

Tours from Bratislava

Here's a several tour tips for day trips from Bratislava. There is several interesting sites and activities for visiting during your tours from Bratislava.

Tour from Bratislava - Small Carpathian wine route

- tasting wine or beer
Small Carpathian Wine Route combines several phenomena - wine country, history and gastronomy area located between Bratislava and Trnava, as great centers of south-western Slovakia. Among them are three smaller towns - Pezinok, Modra and Svaty Jur, which boasts ancient tradition of the royal boroughs. Towns acquired this title in the 17th century, mainly due to production of wine, which tasted a sublime crowned heads of Vienna and Bratislava - then the capital of Hungary. Carpathian Wine

Tour from Bratislava - Modra majolica

- visit a ceramic workshop with examples
Slovak Folk Majolica is based on the original Slovak pottery traditions, which have been enriched by the cultural influences of people around us. Modra pottery comes from the Small Carpathian region, which is known for its excellent wines. Even the original creation of pottery is closely related to the wine and vine. The tradition of Slovak Folk Majolica dates back to the 16th century when Habans resettled from Germany and Switzerland brought it to the territory of present-day Western Slovakia. Habans founded their first workshop with blue pottery in 1610. The first pottery guild in Modra was founded in 1636 and in the following centuries there was a boom of this craft. To date, art pottery workshops used in their decoration swatch of potter Landsfeld Herman (1899 - 1986), who collected and compiled folk motifs from Western Slovakia, to create the following theoretical background of folk art pottery. Brand Modra majolica leans on a potter's wheel and glazed and painted entirely by hand. Motifs and colors are unique. We distinguish four types of Modra majolica - colorful, green, blue and Haban. Important workshops: Slovak Folk Majolica Modra, Ceramic workshop of Renata Hermysova Pezinok, Museum of Ludovit Stur in Modra, Exposure - Slovak Museum of ceramic sculptures in Modra, Exposure - Gallery Ignatius Bizmayera in Modra and Modra Ceramics Museum Modra Majolica

Tour from Bratislava - Devin castle

- historic ruins above the confluence of rivers Danube and Morava
Devin Castle is one of the oldest historically documented castles in Slovakia. Devin Castle is located at the confluence of the Danube and Morava. Once this had been an important Great Moravian defensive fort built by prince Rastislav. Devin Castle

Tour from Bratislava - Cerveny Kamen castle

- one of the most beautiful and best preserved castles in Slovakia
Cerveny Kamen is regarded as one of the unique mid-European castles. The origins of Cerveny Kamen castle dates back to 1240. The entire castle was open to the public in 1997. Its premises serve as a museum now. For visitors, there is established an interesting exhibition of life of high nobility. Cerveny Kamen Castle

Tour from Bratislava - Trnava

- unique religious monuments
Trnava - "Slovak Rome", is due to architectural gems and sacral monuments pearl among Slovak towns. In no other town in Slovakia at such a small area are not as many churches as in Trnava. Trnava's preserved fortification is a unique building and is among the most important monuments of its kind in Europe. It comes from the 13th to 16th centuries. Municipal tower dominates the square and the whole town. In 1574, its panoramic terrace was built on the basis of the Gothic master Jakub and so offers a beautiful view of Trnava and its surroundings. Trnava Centre

Tour from Bratislava - Piestany

- famous spa
Piestany is the most famous spa town in Slovakia. Piestany is world famous for its thermal springs and hearty unique curative sulfuric mud. There are treated diseases of the musculoskeletal and nervous disorders and rheumatis. Piestany

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