Walking in Slovakia (Travel Blog)

4 reasons to walk in Slovakia

Slovakia is the ideal walking and hiking destination, with spectacular landscapes and a good network of walking trails at varying altitudes and difficulty levels. Whether you walking in one of the Slovak national parks, experience the beauty of the Tatras Mountains on a long distance trail or head out on a easy day hike, Slovakia offers great and unlimited opportunities.

The variety and beauty of the Slovakia landscape within a small area during walking trips

Despite being small in size, Slovakia offers a broad range of landscapes, many of them very unique. There are waterfalls such as the Slovensky raj waterfalls, numerous rivers and glacial Tatras lakes, springs with drinkable water and caves and ice caves you can visit like the Slovensky kras caves - UNESCO heritage with Ochtinska aragonitova cave - the biggest aragonite cave in the world. Walking in Tatras

Protected natural areas

We have 40% of the Slovak surface is under natural protection. This includes 9 national parks, 14 protected landscape areas and many more local nature protection areas have been set up to protect unique species of fauna and flora, cultural landscapes and traditional living, UNESCO heritage. Many Slovak regions implement sustainable tourism. We started to use car-free holidays and electro-bikes. The Slovak national parks also offer special educational visits and workshops. National parks Slovakia

Great network of marked hiking trails that allow self-guided hiking tours

The signage of hiking trails in the Slovakia is clear and uniform across all Slovak mountains. There are red-white-colour (red, blue, green, yellow) marks usually painted on trees or rocks, and sign posts at crossing points showing directions and duration in hours. This great network of walking trails means even beginners can undertake self-guided walks on secure paths. It is still strongly recommended to prepare any walking/hiking tour into the mountains (Tatras, Fatra Mountains) with due caution, respecting external factors such as the weather, but also the fitness and experience of all participants. H iking maps can always be obtained from the local tourist offices, shops or internet shops. Walking in Tatras

Hiking in Slovakia has a long tradition and is part of the Slovak culture

Hiking and walking has a long tradition in Slovakia. It is the Slovakia’s unofficial national pastime. There are many small towns and villages nearby Slovak mountains as Tatras that really dedicate themselves to hiking or trekking. Many villages in Slovakia are a perfect base for a walking, hiking and trekking holiday with easy to challenging day hikes. These villages offer special services for your hiking holiday and information about surrounded area and hiking opportunities. Slovakia walking trails

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