This adventure will show you almost whole Slovakia from the most beautiful panoramic views. Brace yourself for conquering of six mighty peaks in the highest mountains in Slovakia. Each peak offers a unique view on the whole mountain range and the surrounding countryside. Each mountain range hides and protects typical and precious animal and plant life. Every nature lover will appreciate the astonishing view of peaks, admire the rock towers and spectacular rock formations, mountain lakes and all the beauty which is hidden in these wonderful ranges.

  1. Day 1 Arrival in Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia.

    - arrival in Slovakia - Liptovsky Mikulas town
    - accommodation in first class hotel
    - free time to leisure

    Overnight in Liptovsky Mikulas

  2. Day 2 Day hike from Trangoska to Dumbier peak in Low Tatras National Park.

    First day we will visit Low Tatras National park and we will hike Dumbier peak (altitude 2043 m)
    A nature reserve for protection of chamois and marmots (which we will see) is located here. We will also pay a visit to M.R.Stefanik Chalet (altitude 1740 m) during the course of our trip.

    The typical features of this Park are long valleys, deep canyons and steep rocks, coated by dwarf pines or grassland even though the predominants are forest overgrows, lower and mixed forests with the fir, beech, spruce, larch, and maple. Fit hikers can climb the tallest tops of the Low Tatras - Chopok a Dumbier, which offer attractive views of almost half of Slovakia and are included in what is often referred to as the most beautiful ridge tour in Slovakia. There is a strong population of our game as a bear, lynx or wolf. Steinbok and marmot occur as well.

    Optional: Demanovska Ice cave and Demanovska Freedom cave

    Overnight in Liptovsky Mikulas

    Walk's details (interactive map):

  3. Day 3 Day hike from Tri Studnicky to Krivan peak in Tatra National Park.

    This day we will transfer to Tatra National Park (the largest park in Slovakia) and we will conquer Krivan (altitude 2494 m), a peak that is the symbol of Slovak national pride. Krivan is among the dominant peaks of High Tatras and it can be seen from far away. High Tatras is a beautiful national park that can be characterised as a world of rocky peaks, quiet valleys and glacial lakes. Interesting information about Krivan is that there used to be gold mines under the top of the peak.

    Overnight in Liptovsky Mikulas

    Walk's details (interactive map):

  4. Day 4 Day hike from Lucky village to Velky Choc peak in Chocske mountains.

    This day we will hike Velky Choc (Great Choc; altitude 1,611 m), the highest peak in the Chocske vrchy mountain.

    Prevailingly spruce woods cover the mountain and in the highest parts a continuous growth of dwarf pines (unique in this whole mountain range) can be seen. For well-conserved forest bioncenoses with rare flora which in places acquire the nature of virgin forest, it was designated the National Nature Reserve.

    If the weather is good, you will immediately understand why the place is so unique. There are few mountains in Slovakia from which you can get such a panoramic view as from the Velky Choc Mt. It comprises all surrounding mountain ranges of the Western Carpathians. The Babia hora Mt. and Pilsko Mt. are in the north, in the east you can admire the High Tatras and Rohace Mts., in the south-east it is the mountain range of the Low Tatras Mts. The Great Fatra Mts. stretch on the south-west and Small Fatra Mts. are in the west. Bizarre rock faces enhance the beauty of the meadow complexes. Several hiking trails descend along both sides of the mountain and the hikers can choose whether they want to go to the Liptov region or Orava region.

    Overnight in Liptovsky Mikulas

    Walk's details (interactive map):

  5. Day 5 Day hike from Bobrovec village to Sivy vrch peak in the Western Tatras.

    We will take a trip to Sivy vrch (Grey Hill; altitude 1805 m) which is part of the Western Tatras mountain and offers a view of the country to an exceptionally far distance. The scenery of the hill includes rock towers and caves.

    Overnight in Liptovsky Mikulas

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  6. Day 6 Transfer to Terchova. Day hike from Vratna valley to Velky Fatransky Krivan peak in Small Fatra National Park.

    We will move on to Small Fatra National Park, in north-western Slovakia. Gorges, rock peaks and an attractive ridge tour are among its attractions. The main subject of protection is the territory with varied geological history and dissected relief forms, rare and precious biocenoses, flora and fauna, and the exceptional value of forest and mountain compounds with precious dwarf pinewoods, rapacious animals such as the wolf, lynx or bear.

    We will conquer Velky Krivan (altitude 1709 m), the highest peak of the mountain range. The mountain range consists of two parts, and we will visit the more attractive part, adorned by canyons, narrows, waterfalls, and a variety of plant and animal life.

    Overnight in Terchova village

    Walk's details (interactive map):

  7. Day 7 Visit Monument Reserve of Folk Architecture (UNESCO) in Vlkolinec village. Transfer to Banska Bystrica.

    We will transfer to Banska Bystrica town and on the way we will have stop in UNESCO village of Vlkolinec.

    Vlkolinec village was first referred to in 1376. Its unique compound of original folk buildings remained untouched by modern construction.

    Banska Bystrica was member of the exclusive trio of the richest central Slovakian mining towns. Banska Bystrica`s attribute was “copper” as this ore was extracted in the Starohorske vrchy Mts. near the town in the 14th century. In the mid-20th century, the town entered the history when in August 1944 became the centre of the Slovak National Uprising. The second largest insurrection against the German Nazi regime following the Yugoslav partisan war took place here. The Monument to the SNP and the open-air museum situated in the park near the town centre commemorate these events.

    Overnight in Banska Bystrica

  8. Day 8 Day hike from Vysna Revuca village to Ostredok peak in Great Fatra National Park.

    Great Fatra National Park lying in Central Slovakia is typical for its continuous forest, long valleys and the largest locality of original yew tree occurrence in Europe.
    Final peak we will conquer Ostredok (altitude 1592 m), is the highest peak in the Great Fatra Mts.

    Overnight in Banska Bystrica

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  9. Day 9 Farewell.

    Farewell and departure from Slovakia.

Basic information

from €960 per person

Duration: 9 days

Type/style: Guided hiking and walking tour

Level of difficulty: Moderate

Languages: English, French, Deutsch

Pick up & Drop off: On your request

Low Tatras National Park Chalet M.R.Stefanika Dumbier Peak Krivan Peak Tatra National Park Velky Choc Peak Sivy Peak Velky Krivan Peak Banska Bystrica Town Vlkolinec Monument Reserve of Folk Architecture Ostredok Peak


- trip transport (fuel, parking etc.)
- accommodation in stylish hotels and pensions (5 nights in Liptovsky Mikulas town in first class hotel, 1 night in Terchova village and 2 nights in Banska Bystrica town)
- breakfast and dinner
- services of a guide throughout the tour as your private driver and an interpreter
- mountain insurance
- maps
- admissions to proposed sites


- lunch
- transport from airport to starting point of the trip and back