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Tour Testimonials 2014

3 Days Trip to Slovakia

My mother and I Visited Slovakia in March 2014. We had a wonderful experience with arrangement by TRAVEL SLOVAKIA. Our trip was short, only 3 days, before I join a meeting in Vienna. Our travel agent arranged everything in detail and good.

We really enjoyed our short trip to Slovakia. They arranged our time, so that our trip become very effective. Our guide Lucia, was very knowledgeble about the sites. She always help us and tried to do the best for us.

The travel agent pick us from Vienna, and drop us at our hotel in Vienna, after the tour. I think Slovakia is a good place to see when you come to Vienna, since the closed distance.

Thank you Lenka, and Lucia for your arrangement !

Warmest regards,

Andri Lubis from Indonesia
★★★★★ - rating 5

Family History Tour in Slovakia


Thank you so much for the trip that you arranged! My wife and I had an amazing experience in Slovakia and Lucia was a fantastic guide. I can not express how much we enjoyed our trip and I think it is likely that we will return for another visit in the future. I have done some more research and have since found more family info, including the additional town my other relatives came now I must return!

Thank you so much, it was a great experience with first class planning from your organization and worry-free traveling. We were amazed!

Take care,

Paul Lucas from USA
★★★★★ - rating 5

Grand Tour of Slovakia

Hi Lenka,

We had a great trip, it was very interesting and Slovakia was a beautiful country. Lucia was a very good guide, she was personable and knew the history of Slovkia sights very well.

Susan from USA
★★★★★ - rating 5

Individually Adpated Tour of Slovakia + Prague

The tour you set up for us was excellent, very enjoyable, reasonably priced and very educational.

Tour Guide Lucia Pálenkášová She was excellent. A very good driver, knew where to go (or detour) at all times. Her hikes were fun, and she is a very good leader, very attentive to the capabilities of the clients, and making changes during the hike to make it better and safer. She is a real gem and an asset to your company.

Hotels -- They were very good. Hotel in Bratislava nice. The hotel in Banska Stiavnica Kachelman, we had to change rooms (early on, before we'd even unpacked) because of a sewage smell in the bathroom. Moved from room 24 to 26. It was also quieter, and further from the cobble stone road. The hotel in Kezmarok was outstanding. Hotel in Zilina, very small room, no place to put luggage except open on the floor, and there was no place to put our clothing, not even a closet. Only 1 of us at a time could walk across below the bed, and stepping around the suitcases at that. Did not have the usual hotel amenities in the room. No hairdryer, the towel rack did not heat, nor did the radiator, both of which we depended on to dry laundered and rain-wet articles of clothing. Would not use room 11, the shades over the windows are thin, and when the sun comes up at 5am, the room is very bright.

Thank you so much for the farewell dinner before we left Slovakia. Lucia made the entire Slovakia portion of our trip enjoyable and memorable.

In Praha, we had 4 tours scheduled in 2 days. They were quite good, but a little repetitive. I would suggest only 3 tours in 2 days, Castle, Jewish Prague, Prague by boat at night. The city tour sort of duplicated the Castle tour. The Hotel Clarion was very nice. Management put a bottle of champagne and a bowl of strawberries in the room on Pat's birthday.

Larry & Pat from USA
★★★★★ - rating 5

Best of Slovakia Tour

Dear Lenka,

We were extremely pleased with your travel services. We found Linda a delightful guide! She was very informed, patient, thoughtful and accommodating. She went to a great deal of trouble helping me find my grandmother's home village. I cannot express how appreciative I am of her efforts. She is a very professional young woman and all three of us would use her services again if there were an opportunity to do so. Slovakia is a beautiful country and I would like to return sometime in the future.

I enjoyed also the hotels. While Nick and Diane did not particularly care for the hotel in Banska Stiavnica, I thought it was charming. I think they had a difficult time sleeping due to noise from a bar and street noise. The hotel in Levoca was very comfortable and convenient.

Thank you for making our time in Slovakia a wonderful experience. Please give our best to Linda!

Gary from USA
★★★★★ - rating 5

Family History Tour in Slovakia


We were absolutely delighted with our time with Miro, who was charming, well informed, able to answer all of our questions and very helpful with the amazing time we had in Hromos. I must imagine that you were the one who worked with the Mayor to arrange the very moving gathering of Kocsis family members. I will be sending the Mayor a letter with a way to express my genuine appreciation for the heartfelt welcome we received. We thank you for a most memorable day. I will be looking forward to the genealogy reports from the authorities as well.
Again, the people we met in Hromos were so gracious.

Best regards,

Paul from USA
★★★★★ - rating 5

Central Europe Tour

Dear Lenka,

I am VERY satisfied with my trip! It was wonderful! Life changing. First, I want to comment on on how I felt safe travelling knowing that transportation would be looking for me and all my itinerary was planned. Second, you gave me just enough alone time to explore the cities and towns we visited. Third, our tour guide Miro was professional, informative, helpful and a delight to travel with. And, thanks to Miro, we not only met with relatives in Fricovce but he went out of his way to surprise us.

I assume you would like to hear constructive criticism as well... Our driver from the Hotel President to the train station started out taking us to the airport. Fortunately, he realized this after 25 or more minutes and was able to get us to the train station on time. Not knowing the area, I was concerned I would be running for a train. Everything went fine.... no running.

The Hotel Stella in Kosice seemed run down and fixtures in the bathroom (hand shower would not hang, toilet seat needed repairing, and there was now wifi available in room). This was mentioned this to the front desk but no repairs were made and we were told the walls were too thick for wifi.

Overall, I am so happy with my trip using Travel Slovakia. I am recommending your company and Slovakia as a travel destination to all. If possible, I am considering another trip to discover more family:)


Lynn from USA
★★★★★ - rating 5

Banska Stiavnica Tour

Dear Lenka

Thanks very much for everything both you and Martin did to make our walk so special, we really enjoyed the whole experience! Having Martin pick us up from Krakow was a very special way to begin our travels in Slovakia. We learnt so many interesting things from our conversation and we really appreciated the time he took with us, carefully explaining the walk routes and maps and giving us lots of invaluable advice. He emphasised the need to keep an eye out for the markers and to persevere if we couldn't immediately see them. This advice was most important as on a number of occasions it was difficult to find the next marker, especially frustrating when we came to a fork in the road or a number of intersecting tracks and there was no marker indicating which track we should follow. Often we had to simply follow each track until we eventually found the one with the correct marker, but it did waste a bit of time. No problem however, we were never lost or particularly worried!
We really enjoyed all of the accommodation choices you made for us, as each place had its own special appeal. We particularly enjoyed the food provided by the Cosmopolitan and the Hotel Sitno, but all the hotels provided us with good evening meals and lovely packed lunches. The misunderstanding at pension Kechaleman was unfortunate, but was a very small issue and we did appreciate your quick response. Stary Hostinec was probably the best of all the accommodation choices, very friendly and offering a fascinating insight into Slovakian history. All our luggage transfers worked perfectly too, thank you.
I will send you some photos soon. Thanks again for everything,

Best wishes

Jessie from New Zealand
★★★★★ - rating 5

Family History Tour of Slovakia

Hello Lenka,

The trip to Bysta and Brezina was one we will cherish for the rest of our lives. Lucia was an excellent guide and everything went smoothly. She spoke very good English and was professional and accommodating in every way. Her translation skills were essential for us to thoroughly enjoy the experience. She was kind, extremely patient and totally respectful of the people we met. ( I'm sorry if she gained a few pounds from all the food we were served! ) I am grateful to Travelslovakia for providing such a wonderful service. I am happy to let you use my testimonial on your website and would be glad to be a reference for people looking for this type of heritage experience.
All our best to you and Lucia,

Peggy Klimek and Emily Harris, Bradenton, FL, USA
★★★★★ - rating 5

Grand Tour of Slovakia

Hello Lenka,

Bill and I have arrived back in New Zealand and it is nice to be home. We had a very good holiday and very much enjoyed our time in Slovakia.

Firstly, thank you very much for all the work you put into planning our itinerary and for your excellent communication with me. That gave us confidence that all would work out well for the Slovakian experience. We really knew very little about Slovakia and we certainly learnt a lot on our holiday.

We found Miro to be a very pleasant, informative and helpful guide and we got on very well with him. We felt safe when in the car with him although we felt that the standard of the vehicle provided could be improved. His English is certainly adequate and he tried hard to improve his vocabulary when conversing with us.

The standard of our accommodation was very acceptable. The hotel which we were a little disappointed with was Pension Kachelman - the room smelt very strongly of chlorine when we entered, which persisted for some time, and the breakfast was limited in choice and not up to the standard of the other hotels. The other hotels were all different and very good. We really enjoyed our stay in Hotel Hviezdoslav in Kezmarok. While we found all aspects of our stay very interesting, the highlight for us was the time we had based in Kezmarok and the days we spent in the vicinity of the mountains. The countryside is beautiful and we found people friendly and helpful.

We will be telling friends about our experiences and would have no hesitation in recommending Travel Slovakia to anyone thinking of visiting your country.
Thank you again and kind regards and best wishes,

Wilma and Bill from New Zealand
★★★★★ - rating 5

Individually Adapted Tour of Budapest, Slovakia, Krakow

We had a wonderful trip and wish to thank you immensely for everything you did to make the experience memorable. Linda was a terrific guide, and we were so pleased that she was so compatible and attentive. We had no problems with our hotels or itinerary, and Judy was able to connect with some people who had the same last name as hers. All in all, it was a great trip.

Judy and Sheila from USA
★★★★★ - rating 5

From Hut to Hut Self-guided Tour

Hi Lenka,

Yes I was very happy with my experience of the Tatra mountains. It was a wonderful trip to your country, to see your dramatic landscapes and their natural environments which have been preserved so well. The scenery and ecology of the mountains were above expectations and I would commend your country for its sensitive treatment of these special ecosystems and habitats by only minimally interfering in these landscapes to provide just the necessary help for the visitor to experience and enjoy this unique environment. The constructed paths and the huts I think struck the right balance of making these places accessible for the committed traveller while not imposing in an over-artificial way on these pristine landscapes. Most of the information on the noticeboards about the mountains were excellent too helping to educate the visitor. It is such a privelage to be able to visit this unspoilt wilderness and to have a nature experience so different from my own country. I also felt that the huts provided the right level of service and comfort to the walker providing the essentials without getting into unnecessary and unwanted tourist satisfying. I would definitely recommend a visit to the Tatras to anyone. Thank you again and well done to you and your country.

Fondest Regards,

Larry from UK
★★★★★ - rating 5

Banska Stiavnica Tour

Hello Lenka & Martin

All went well. The trip was all I hoped it would be. It was nice balance of beautiful sites and everyday rural Slovakia. The accommodations and food were excellent. Spending the last day at the Hotel Thermal was a nice ending. I enjoyed the thermal baths & saunas more than those in Budapest. I never had to put on my rain jacket during the entire journey. The biggest surprise were the beautiful variety of butterflies.
Thank you for the detailed maps and instructions. It was a worry free experience.

Best wishes

Steve from UK
★★★★★ - rating 5

Slovakia and Prague Tour

Dear Lenka

I would like to say thank you for such a wonderful holiday. It opened my mind to a country that I knew very little about and which I now love and would like to return. I thought that the pace and content of the tours were about right for people of our age and physical abilities, (although for future years I would definitely like to consider for myself the hiking tour in the Tatras Mountains)! I thought the arrangements in Slovakia were excellent. We had a minor mishap with our transfer from the Clarion Hotel in Prague to the airport, because the taxi driver was late due to him going to the wrong hotel. However he got us to the airport on time for our flight. Finally, I must say that our driver/guide Lucia was absolutely fantastic. She was knowledgeable, friendly and completely professional in everything she did and was always willing to accommodate our needs. Please, please pass on our thanks to her. She is an asset to your company.

Yours Sincerely

David and Sandra from UK
★★★★★ - rating 5

Hut to Hut Self-guided Tour

Hi Lenka,

The tour was fantastic, we enjoyed it very much and everything went smoothly. Lucia's detailed instructions were very helpful and so all the materials we got. Thank you very much for been so helpful and attentive. Slovakia is a great country we definitely will visit it again someday.


Olga with her family from Izrael
★★★★★ - rating 5

Hut to Hut Tour in the High Tatras

Dear Lenka & Miro,

We have just arrived home and to say big thank for lovely hiking. I think Slovakia was a very good surprise for us in term of the people,the nature,dish,facilities ( but not weather....). Everything was better than expected!!!
Again thank you and maybe see you next time......


Tomer,Yoav,Yotam,Dalit,Amir & Nir from Israel
★★★★★ - rating 5

Family History Tour of Slovakia


thank you for all the work you did in making the arrangements. The trip was amazing and thanks to Jana because of rain we asked for changes and she came through with other ideas and showed us things we would have never found in a book and all the beautiful back roads she took us on. She answered all our 100 questions about Slovakia history and life. Without asking she took us to Pod Krivan and found the priest and asked him to see if he had the marriage records of my Moms grandparents. We got names and dates and birthplace. Then she took us to the town where our Grandfather was born. We very much appreciate how Jana made our trip extra special.
My mother will never be back to Slovakia but because of Travel Slovakia she found her family and learned what life was like for her parents and her extended family that still resides in that very beautiful country. Thank You!

With much appreciation,

Janet and Florence from USA
★★★★★ - rating 5

1 Day Trip to Banska Stiavnica

Dear Lenka (and Danka),

Today's tour was brillant and I had a wonderful time :) Thanks for the excellent recommendation fo where to go and what to do :)
Danka was a fantastic guide/host :)
Here are a couple of pics from today's adventure!
If I'm ever back in the BB area I won't doubt to get in touch!
All the best and thanks to you and Danka for an unforgettable day,

Nina from USA
★★★★★ - rating 5

Individually Adapted Tour - From Vienna to Krakow - Slovakia Trip & Vienna


I had a wonderful experience visiting Slovakia! I did not find any of my family, but did not really expect too. But I did find a family member of a family friend from home, and didn't really go looking for them. Lucia was a great guide; I had so many more adventures than I ever imagined I would get to do.

Thanks you for the great work on setting up my trip!!

Joe from USA
★★★★★ - rating 5

3 Days Tour of Slovakia

Dear Lenka,

I didn't get the chance to thank you for the amazing trip you helped planned. I am particularly grateful for you contacting Pietr and Martin who spent a whole day with us to talk about my grandfather. You really made this trip very meaningful for my family! We loved the accommodations in Košice and Danka was amazing! This trip surpassed all of my expectations, and I am very grateful.

Maya from USA
★★★★★ - rating 5

Slovakia's High Tatras a great four-day trek

Reviews of the Slovakia's High Tatras a great four-day trek:

Dog-Eared Passport Travel blog

John Henderson from USA
★★★★★ - rating 5

Tailor Made Grand Tour of Slovakia

Dear Lenka,

Thank you very much for the refund and the newspaper. I passed the copy of the newspaper. Our PAX would be very happy with that!
Regarding the tour, every PAX enjoyed the tour very much!

Best regards,

Mayu Kurokami from Japan
★★★★★ - rating 5